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Why Choose a Fitness Career

1   I want to be employed doing a job I love!

Why waste time in a job you don't enjoy? If you can't tell the difference between work and play then you know you are doing something you love. There are part-time and full-time jobs at health clubs, leisure centres, sporting facilities, schools, holiday resorts, hospitals, community centres, nursing homes, corporate gyms, government agencies, even cruise ships - the choice is yours.

2   I want to run my own business and take control of my life

Setting up your own business requires drive and commitment. But when you are in charge, all the rewards are yours and you can build an asset for the future. If you want to be your own boss then the fitness industry has a myriad of opportunities, e.g., become a franchised Personal Trainer at a major health club, start up your own personal training studio, or venture into an outdoor training company. Have you considered school-based kid's fitness programs or specialising in aged care activities? Starting up your own business will be even easier with the Institute's Fitness Business program.

3   I love fitness and being active and I want to make it my career

One thing is for sure - where you start is not usually where you will end up! The fitness industry has many different career paths and you can spend years exploring all your options. As your skills develop and you gain experience, new doors of opportunity will open. Each day can bring new inspiration and new challenges. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you will be surrounded by people who love fitness, just like you.

4   I enjoy working with people and getting positive outcomes

What could be better than delivering the healthy benefits of physical activity? Every person you help can lead a longer, healthier life thanks to the proven benefits of exercise. Whether it is helping someone lose weight, recover after an injury or just to feel better about themselves, you know you are doing something positive.

5   I want to do something new and exciting like work in a health club or on a cruise ship

Think of your qualification from the Institute as your passport to adventure. For many people, working in the fitness industry is like no other industry. It is full of energetic, like-minded people. However, if adventure is what you want, how about instructing on a cruise ship, preparing clients to climb Kilimanjaro, being a trainer for a sporting team, instructing boot camp on a tropical island, or personal training in London?

6   I want to be a Personal Trainer

There is something magical about working with people one-on-one. Whether in the gym or on the beach it is the most popular career in the fitness industry today. Not only is it the best way to help someone get results, the pay can be fantastic and the flexible hours can be great. But one of the most valuable benefits is in the people you meet. Often friendships can last a life-time.

7   I love group fitness and want to teach it

Crank up the music and bust a move. Most health clubs offer a varied group fitness program. With so many fabulous classes to teach, the hardest part is deciding what to specialise in: boxing, cycling, dance, core, stretch, high energy and low impact. The choices are many and varied. You can do additional training to teach a licensed program or combine your group fitness qualification with personal training – it's a great way to meet new clients! If you like getting wet how about adding aqua instructing to your career path?

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