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Important Info

The rules rule!

We all love to have a good laugh, but there's a serious side to your training at the Australian Institute of Fitness™. Basically, we ask that everybody respect each other and keep things safe and friendly. We all want to have a great time so there are rules and policies we have in place, all are shown in your Student Handbook, but here’s a few… 

Issues or Concerns

The Australian Institute of Fitness is committed to improving services to its current and future Friends. If you have a concern about any part of the services provided to you, please read the Institute’s Grievance and Complaints Policy, located in your Student Handbook. If you have any issues or concerns you can complete the Grievance Report Form and send it to our National Office. All issues are dealt with in complete confidence.


When you have completed the Enrolment Form send it, with your deposit (and payment plan form, where applicable) to the Australian Institute of Fitness™.  Successful students will receive an Enrolment Confirmation Pack from Australian Institute of Fitness ™within seven days. If you do not receive your Enrolment Confirmation Pack, please contact the Australian Institute of Fitness on 1300 669 669.


a) Total Investment

The student agrees to pay the Institute the total course fee listed on the Enrolment Form as Total Investment.

The student agrees to pay a deposit of 10% of the total program fees on application for enrolment to reserve a place.  This place will be held for a period of up to five calendar days at which time:

  1. All paperwork is completed
  2. The remaining outstanding balance will be paid in full; or
  3. The student will enter into an agreement with the Institute or a third party provider to pay the remaining balance through an instalment program.

b) Instalment Programs

If the student is paying for the course using an instalment program, either directly with the Institute or a third party provider, the terms and conditions of the subsequent agreement make up part of these terms and conditions.


a) Cancellation of Enrolment

We prefer you to cancel your enrolment in writing using the Cancellation Form.  These can be obtained from the Institute.

b) Refunds

Full refunds will be given during the cooling-off period. If you cancel after the cooling off period and not later than seven business days prior to the start date of your program, a 50% refund of the total investment will be given.

If the Institute postpones the course you will be allocated a place in a suitable replacement course, if a suitable course is not available a refund will be given.

The refund of fees will be paid in the same manner that the fees were received

c) Deferment

If a student is unable to attend a face to face course or part of a course, the student may defer to a later course. There is a 6-month deferral period starting the day the deferral is granted.  There is no deferment for online courses.

ii. A request to defer must be on the \'Deferment Application Form\'

iii. A $300 administration fee applies.

iv. All agreements for payment by instalment programs will continue during the deferment period.

d) General

  1. Any funds paid by a student for training as mentioned in this agreement (including deposits and all other fees paid) are not transferable to any other person or entity including deceased or bankrupt estates.
  2. Students must notify the Institute of any change of address, contact numbers, new credit card expiry dates if participating in a third party instalment program, or any other information relevant to the enrolment
  3. Students must inform the Institute in writing if there is a risk to your health by you participating in the course/s
  4. Students must inform the Institute in writing of any disability, impairment or condition suffered at the date of signing the agreement and if applicable during the period of the course
  5. All students must comply with their obligations as specified in the both the Student Handbook and the Essential Information Booklet

 * Applicants are advised that the Australian Institute of Fitness™ regional policies and agreements may override any of these terms and conditions. Please talk to your local campus for more details.

Tuition Assurance Scheme

The Institute will maintain a tuition assurance scheme to safeguard students in the event of it becoming insolvent and unable to return fees that have been paid in advance. The tuition assurance scheme will source similar training to allow the effected participants under this condition to complete their studies without further financial burden. However if the student cannot be placed, the tuition assurance will provide a refund

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