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How to Improve Flexibility

Posted on Friday 18th April 2014

In order to have a well-rounded approach to your fitness, it's important to include flexibility in your training, says Meghan Jarvis, Course Crusader and Exercise Therapy Program Coach QLD.

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No Pain, No Gain?

Posted on Sunday 6th April 2014

The term 'no pain, no gain' promises greater value rewards for the price of hard, and even painful work.

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All Things Fitness, and Michelle Bridges

Posted on Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Most fitness fans will know that this weekend is the big one. Australia's largest fitness event, combining FILEX and the Australian Fitness & Health Expo, is upon us!

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A Guide to Eating Before Exercise

Posted on Monday 31st March 2014

What you should eat before exercise depends largely on your health and fitness goals.

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How To Not be that Person in the Gym Everyone Hates

Posted on Tuesday 11th March 2014

At the start of the year there's always an influx of new members at gyms across the country, so your local fitness club is probably a little more crowded than usual.

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Big Fitness Events to Put in Your Calendar for 2014

Posted on Wednesday 19th February 2014

There's no better goal than an upcoming fitness event. So to get you on the path early in the year, Body and Soul have compiled a state-by-state list of fitness events for you to tackle in 2014.

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Scientists Create the Ultimate Workout Playlist

Posted on Wednesday 19th February 2014

The motivational effects of music have been getting some attention recently.

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Muscle Soreness After the Gym: Good or Bad?

Posted on Thursday 13th February 2014

Muscle soreness, or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), often presents a day or two after exercising.

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