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How Much Exercise is Too Much?

Posted on Saturday 23rd August 2014

With the current trend for a high training load and a high intensity, you could easily believe no amount of exercise is ever too much. QLD Fitness Coach, Chris Wong gives you the truth.

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Walking Versus Running for Weight Loss

Posted on Sunday 20th July 2014

Is walking or running better for weight loss? A coach from the Australian Institute of Fitness explains the different health benefits here.

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Extreme Obstacle Courses - Good for Exercise or Just Injuries?

Posted on Tuesday 1st July 2014

Extreme obstacle courses are one of the latest fitness crazes sweeping Australia.

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How to Avoid Sports Injury

Posted on Wednesday 25th June 2014

Playing sport is a great way to keep up your fitness, however, sports injuries can occur, which may mean time out from the gym, so what can we do to prevent them from happening, asks Eleni Danis, Australian Institute of Fitness NSW eCoach.

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Compression Gear: Does It Work?

Posted on Monday 23rd June 2014

Compression clothing has been embraced by athletes and sportspeople over the past few years, and there have been claims that the garments can aid recovery, improve performance and even boost power.

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7 Ways to Get Motivated for a Winter Workout

Posted on Tuesday 17th June 2014

It's getting cold out there, but a drop in the temperature doesn't mean you can skip out on your workout!

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Is Sweating During Exercise a Good Sign or Bad?

Posted on Thursday 22nd May 2014

So you're pounding away on the pavement, or perhaps pumping iron at the gym, and you’re sweating like crazy.

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How to Avoid Being the Annoying One in the Gym

Posted on Sunday 18th May 2014

Going to the gym is no longer just about going to work out.

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