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How Clients Really Choose a Personal Trainer and How You Can Use it to Your Advantage

Posted on Thursday 10th April 2014

The best Personal Trainer in the world will only be successful if they have a strong client base.

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How to Compile Your Personal Trainer Resume

Posted on Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Packaging your skills and passions into a neat resume is an important part of landing your dream job as a Personal Trainer.

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Training Pregnant Clients

Posted on Saturday 29th March 2014

Regular exercise is now recommended for most pregnant women, but as the physiological changes of a pregnant woman are complex, great care is needed in screening and programming, says Liz Dene, Australian Institute of Fitness NSW Coach.

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Everything You Need to Know About Rotational Core Conditioning

Posted on Wednesday 19th March 2014

A solid core will keep your back healthy, enable you to maintain good posture, and minimise the chance of injury from our repetitive lifestyles and workout patterns.

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Keeping Up to Date with Personal Training Trends

Posted on Thursday 13th March 2014

A big part of every Personal Trainer's job is to stay on top of industry trends.

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How Fitness Changed My Life

Posted on Friday 7th March 2014

Aidan Foenander went from being in a depressed and anxious state to being a personal training studio owner. Read about his incredible journey.

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4 Tips for Personal Trainers to Improve their Client Training Cues

Posted on Wednesday 5th March 2014

Every good Personal Trainer knows the value of using the right word or phrase to help his or her client in a moment.

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7 Ways to Build Your Personal Training Community

Posted on Sunday 23rd February 2014

Australian Institute of Fitness Qld Fitness Coach Rebecca Cort has helped several fitness businesses achieve success.

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