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Gym Instructor Quick Quiz!

Gym Instructor Quick Quiz!

Gym Instructors are super important people who help to start so many people with a new fitness program! Let’s revise some of the most important things about gym instructing! (Hint: Check out your Gym Instructor workbook for clues).

  1. Imagine that a member of your family or a good friend joined a gym for the very first time. Make a list of the qualities or characteristics you would expect in the Gym Instructors.
  2. What are some of the products, facilities and services offered by a typical gym or fitness centre?
  3. A member has approached you regarding strength training. In the past they have participated in group exercise, but have never had the courage to try weights. The member is a 45-year-old female. What advice would you give them in terms of the benefits of strength training that may turn their red light to green?
  4. Write down some interesting ‘W’ questions to get the conversation started with your members.
  5. Write down some interesting ‘W’ questions to ask members about their exercise program and reasons for exercising.
  6. Think of a business that people return again and again to. Return business is often a result of good customer service. Consider how your chosen business offers good customer service to their customers and how you could use these concepts in the gym.
  7. How can doing gym floor hours help you as a Personal Trainer?

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