Heart Rate Course
Polar Australia

Polar's training courses will introduce you to heart rate training; how to use a monitor, the benefits, and how it can help improve performance.


Polar has launched a range of online training courses that will take your knowledge to the next level. The courses will introduce you to many aspects associated with health and fitness, athletic performance, special population groups, personal training, and how these relate to heart rate training.

These courses are an essential learning platform for those who want to develop specialised knowledge of the concept of heart rate training. Discover why Polar are the leaders in heart rate technology and join the training revolution.

Course Content

  • How and why to use a Polar heart rate monitor.
  • Benefits of heart rate training.
  • The heart muscle and how it effects training.
  • The energy pathways, fuel sources and metabolism.
  • Heart rate training basics (resting heart rate, average heart rate and maximum heart rate).
  • How to determine a maximum heart rate.
  • Target heart rate zones for training.
  • Factors that affect heart rate.
  • Principles behind the super compensation curve.
  • Overtraining and how to avoid it.
  • Different types of training methods.
  • Planning sessions for different population groups using heart rate target zones.
  • Ways to monitor improvement.

General Description

Duration of Course

The basic course is to be completed online and requires approximately two hours worth of reading plus questions. The advanced course is to be completed online and requires approximately four hours worth of reading plus questions.

Continuing Education Credits
Basic course: 2 CECs.
Advanced course: 4 CECs.

To Book
Australian Institute of Fitness students and graduates get 30% off all online courses.

  • Basic course: $48.30 (normally $69)
  • Advanced course: $90.30 (normally $129)

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