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Trainer Experience Program

Information for Fitness Industry Employers

If you are reading this page of our website you are most likely a fitness industry employer or mentor considering the supervision of an Institute friend for their Trainer Experience. At the Institute all friends completing the Master Trainer program on campus are required to engage with Industry as part of the Trainer Experience Program.

So what is the Trainer Experience Program?

The Institute’s Trainer Experience Program (TEP) is designed to link friends of the Australian Institute of Fitness® with the fitness industry. Its purpose is to help them gain essential exposure and experience in the industry whilst they are completing their studies, and to allow industry employers access to potential trainers for employment, fresh out of their Master Trainer Program with the Institute.

Each student is required to engage with industry and complete a minimum of 20 practice hours to get the feel of what life is like for a Personal Trainer in the fitness industry. These practice hours are to be supervised in a fitness business (here’s where you come in!), and involve the student observing activities, assisting and shadowing their supervisor, and then training clients under the watchful eye of the supervisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for the most commonly asked questions concerning Trainer Experience.

About Supervision

About the practice hours

Student responsibilities

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