ABOUT ph360

ph360 is the leading education and technology provider in personalised health and epigenetics for personal trainers looking for an individualised and complete answer to their client’s health and fitness goals.

Becoming a trained ph360 health professional will provide you with access to leading personalised health technology ‘Shae’. Shae can be incorporated into your business model, increasing your revenue and allowing you to accurately assess, track and provide exercise, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations directly to your client’s smartphone!

ph360 courses

Mastery Series Online Course

The Mastery Series Online Course is the world’s most advanced course in personalised health for personal trainers.

This continuing education course combines the latest in personalised health and epigenetics and is designed for personal trainers who are seeking to understand how the whole environment can influence their client’s well-being. Stand out from the crowd, clear the confusion and maximise results!

Content included

The Mastery Series Includes
3 phases of personalised health education over 8 weeks.

Phase 1: Mastery Series Foundations (online self-paced)

  • Learn the science of personalised health
  • Understand how the whole environment influences our genes
  • Discover the different HealthTypes and their needs
  • Access your unique personalised health profile

Phase 2: ph360 Experience 

  • 2 x 6 hr workshops
  • Deepen your understanding of personalised health principles
  • Uncover your unique coaching style
  • Experience the latest ph360 coaching technology
  • Apply your new knowledge in a dynamic learning environment

Phase 3: Personalised Health Integration 

  • 6 x 90 min workshops
  • Master your application
  • Join the health professional community
  • Mentoring & business support
  • Become an endorsed ph360 Health Coach
  • Work online and face to face