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10 Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone Who Loves The Gym
February 13, 2017

In light of Valentine's Day, we thought it is appropriate, to shed a little light on what life could be like dating an avid gym lover. So, before you go on that date with Mr or Miss fitness fanatic, you should probably read this;

#1 You Need To Understand That You Will Not Be The Only One In The Relationship


Yes, you read correctly, by commencing a relationship with a gym lover, you are about to embark on a love triangle comprising of you, your new boyfriend/ girlfriend… and the GYM!

#2 A Gym Lovers Number One Pet Peeve - People Who Hate Their Gym Lifestyle

Now, this does not mean you have to be hitting the gym everyday, or even interested in fitness (although this will help), however, if you even think about commenting on their routines, nutrition choices or try to convince your significant other to skip the gym … let us tell you now, it may not work out.

#3 Closely Followed By… Being Told You Get Bulky By Doing Weights


It takes blood, sweat and protein powders to even grow a little bicep (okay, maybe not blood). Bodybuilders don't just lift one weight to sculpt their bodies. And anyway, if getting fit and healthy means we “bulk” out up a bit, we're cool with that and you should be too. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

#4 Say Goodbye To Sleeping In


Be prepared to set that alarm clock a good two hours (at least) earlier than you usually would. Yes that’s right, in order to get that cardio in, gym lovers are up well before the birds, hitting the stepper and pumping those muscles. Our motto, if you can’t beat them, join them!

#5 Kiss Goodbye All Of Your Favourite Restaurants


If you’re thinking of making a dinner reservation for a date night… think again. You will soon learn that clearing the menu with your partner is a part of the date night preparation, and you better hope they serve chicken and veggies!

#6 You Better Like Laundry


Their wardrobe consists of 80% activewear, and for a good reason - they use it! On average be prepared for the laundry to consist of two gym outfits per day, in addition to ‘normal’ clothes. TIP: By laundry detergent in BULK, and make it clear from the start - you ain’t no laundromat!

#7...And You Better Like Dishes Too


Don’t worry, a gym goer is very capable of doing their own dishes (and laundry in fact), but take this as a warning for the copious amounts of protein shakers, an tupperware containers that will fill the sink… EVERYDAY! It might pay to get good at reminding them to clean their shakers straight away too… Once you  find one used shaker that is more than a day old, you will understand why!

#8 Your Instagram News Feed Will Be Taken Over By Their Gym Selfies


Selfie or it didn’t happen right?! Well this is the philosophy fitness fanatics live by. Not only will your news feeds be taken over by #Fitspo, your photography skills will most likely improve as you will not only be a girlfriend/ boyfriend… you will also resume the role of ‘Social Media Photographer.’

#9 Prepare To Be Turned.


A true gym lover is passionate about this lifestyle. So, if you're not an avid gym goer, chances are you will be soon!

#10 They Will Be Very Driven


… And Fit! Needless to say, being a gym lover takes great organisational skills - to squeeze in all of those workouts, determination and motivation. All traits that are relayed into other aspects of their lives, which makes some of the not so ‘exciting’ traits listed above all the worthwhile!

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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