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5 Ways To Get More Personal Training Clients
February 11, 2016

The work of a Personal Trainer can be somewhat organised chaos at times and a real challenge for even the most seasoned PT’s is to retain a sizeable client base. For majority of the general population, fitness is that extra component to their week that is usually last on the priority list says Australian Institute of Fitness coach Hadi Kerjab. Which is why we have listed 5 ways to obtain and retain clients.

1. Utilise Social Media

It is imperative to be competent in marketing yourself and your brand via social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter particularly are great platforms to obtain clients. You must however find a good balance of posting informative, helpful content without overdoing it and potentially over selling yourself. But, there are thousands of Personal Trainers opening the floodgates across the web so make sure you stand out from the pack, find your niche and use it to your advantage.

2. Be personable 

It’s one thing being a good trainer but it’s completely different to being someone clients feel comfortable around. Take an interest in your clients’ lives, ask them open ended questions during the warm up and listen to them attentively. It will go a long way to retaining clients if they feel that you can relate to them on a personal level and humans are naturally resistant to change, meaning they are less likely to change trainers and or gyms if they like you as a person the training can be a bonus for most. Plus, sparking conversation with other members in the gym costs you absolutely nothing apart from 2 minutes of your day and you will be the first trainer to come to mind when they decide the time is right for them to start one on one training.

3. Word of Mouth

Once you have obtained a client your best form of marketing comes without you directly doing anything. Good service will always be spoken about. Whether your clients speak to fellow co-workers, their friends while grabbing a coffee or even family members, positive word of mouth can be the most effective form of new client leads.

4. Incentivise

Free merchandise with your branding, contact details and social media accounts on it for your family, friends and clients to wear. Bring a friend for free passes or even $5 bootcamps to get potential leads attend and use your personable rapport skills to consolidate from there.

5. Get Results

At the end of the day as a PT your KPI's are easily quantifiable and should be measured regularly to positively reinforce to your clients that the work they are doing with you is getting them closer to their goals. Whether it be weight loss, strength and size or aerobic fitness, ensure you have a method of proving to your client they are progressing to back up the subjective improvements they see and feel.  

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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