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eCampus FAQs
December 15, 2011

Q1. How long do I have to complete the Master Trainer eLog Book?

Your eLog Book is acomprehensive record of your fitness experiences during your Master Trainer journey. You have just under 6 months to complete the Fitness Instructor experiences and another 5 months to complete the Personal Trainer components. You submit your eLog Book by uploading it onto eCampus. You can obviously complete sooner than these maximum periods. The most important thing is to ensure you maximum these opportunities to prove that you have the required experience to be awarded the Institute Master Trainer Level 1 Certificate.

Q2. When do I need to complete my First Aid by and how do I go about getting it?

Your First Aid is part of the Certificate III in Fitness and needs to be completed before you move on to Personal Trainer. You can book this with one of your eCampus coaches and then come into the campus to complete. The other option is to complete it through another provider, and we can give you recognition of prior learning for this unit. For this to happen, you will need to fill out a mutual recognition form and send in a certified copy of the original to us.

Q3. What assessments are involved in completing the course? Are they all compulsory?

Yes, they are all compulsory, and consist of online eKnowledge Checks and Challenges.

1. eKnowledge Checks: These are quizzes or eChecks' which are compulsory and can be found throughout each module. You must get 100% for each, and you can attempt these many times.

2. Challenges: The Challenges are the core work of your studies, and range from written tasks to practical observations. You need to receive a result of satisfactory'. These challenges are uploaded to eCampus, where they will be marked and feedback provided. If there is anything that needs to be altered in order for it to be satisfactory, they will inform you and you can look over it again to make those changes and send it back through.

Q4. What is involved in the Face-to-Face intensives and do I need to come into the campus?

To complete the course and receive your Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness, you must complete the final challenges during the face to face intensives which take place at the end of Fitness Instructor, and the end of the Personal Trainer course. You can book in with one of your eCoaches to attend one of the F2F Intensives, which are held over two days on a Thursday and Friday or Saturday and Sunday at one of our campuses. Over the two days, you will recap everything you have learnt throughout the modules and complete your assessments. Attendance of the F2F Intensives is a requirement of the Master Trainer certification.

Q5. Is it compulsory to attend the Virtual Classrooms?

Yes, in order to achieve your Master Trainer certification you need to attend all Virtual classrooms for Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. However you will still gain Cert III and Cert IV if you don't attend the Virtual Classrooms.You can book into any state's Virtual Classroom available on the Calendar' by contacting your eCoach.

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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