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From 101kg to Personal Trainer
December 21, 2013 | by Jessica Bryant

Since shedding an astounding 40kg, personal training student Carl Attard has turned his life and career around. Here's his story.

Rock bottom

At the end of 2008 I was 101kg, had suffered a mental breakdown and was in a job I hated. I was a walking heart attack with two young children relying on me.

One day my nine-year-old daughter looked me in the eyes and asked whether I was happy. I thought my heart was going to burst. Her question was the catalyst for change and I decided shortly afterward to make some positive changes to my life. That's when my fitness journey began.

My world opened up

I began to walk to the train station instead of taking the car. I also joined the local gym and went three times a week. I changed jobs and became known as the office health nut cycling into work and running during my lunch break. I started to feel more energetic and alive.

By mid-2012 I had lost 40kg and was feeling great. My new positive outlook paved the way to reconnecting with my birth mother, whom I'd never met, which has been a tremendously joyous experience. I've also found real love with an amazing woman and the relationship with my children is fun, active and full of love.

While I loved my workplace, I soon felt it was time to change careers. I wanted to share my story with others and help people live a positive existence. With the support of my friends and family, I enrolled with the Australian Institute of Fitness. My goal now is to work with mums and children.

Everything's fallen into place

I've learned many lessons on my fitness journey so far the main one being to live positively, with integrity and self-belief. It's never too late to make positive changes and the rewards are immeasurable. I love my life and I'm super excited to be training at the Institute's Wheelers Hill Campus, surrounded by like-minded people in an amazingly positive environment. My personal mantra of just be has quite literally reshaped my life. I can't wait to write the next chapter!

What's your story? Start transforming your life and career with a range of courses at the Australian Institute of Fitness.


Jessica Bryant is the National Communications Manager at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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