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How a 24-Year-Old Fitness Graduate Became an Award Winning Personal Trainer
October 14, 2015

“Fitness isn’t just about fitness, it’s about creating the most uplifting life for a client,” explains Tahlia Pretty, Australian Institute of Fitness and South Australia Active Achiever 2015 Winner. “The most powerful thing I can do for any client that comes to me is teach them attainable a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle is.”  

At just 24 years of age Tahlia Pretty is a business owner and Master Trainer who is now being recognised by Fitness Australia as an inspirational trainer in South Australia, based on her exemplary contribution to the industry and her client’s lives.  

But what does it take to come so far just seven years out of High School? Tahlia says it’s all about passion. “A few of my clients shared their stories with me and it brought a tear to my eye,” Tahlia says. There is nothing more powerful than the realisation you can change someone’s life.

Tahlia still reflects on how far she has come with disbelief and often has to remind herself that it’s hard work, not luck, that has landed her the job of her dreams. “It felt so surreal to begin with as I am a small business owner at only 24-years-of-age” Tahlia says “I have had to wake up and realise I do deserve this because I am so passionate about what I do.” 

Tahlia completed her Master Trainer course at the Institute's Adelaide campus in 2012 whilst studying a double degree in Teaching and Health Science at university, and said the active and engaging content of the Master Trainer course was a welcome respite from rigid university lectures. “I am definitely an active learner,” she jokes. “While I was at university, I saw the Institute as an opportunity to learn about something I was highly passionate about in a fun, social and active way!”

So what’s next? One thing is for sure: this girl isn’t slowing down. “I am particularly passionate about shaking up our society and helping young women ignore all the media noise to embrace who they were born to be.” Tahlia seeks to continue to train her female clients to be more than physically fit and tap into their inner power and strength.  

Tahlia is now in the running to be named overall Active Achiever nationally by Fitness Australia, who will announce the winner from a selection of state finalists on October 30th. 

Image credit: @tahliapretty_pt on Instagram

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