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How To Become Fitness Australias next #ActiveAchiever and #ActiveCommunities Award Winner
October 17, 2016

Every year Fitness Australia celebrates the amazing work that personal trainers, fitness instructors and fitness business owners do out in the industry with their #ActiveAchiever and #ActiveCommunities Awards. With thousands of nominations received, the 2016 results are in, so, we caught up with state #ActiveAchiever Award winner Susie Cole and, state #ActiveCommunites award winner Michele Corasaniti, to find out where their career has taken them since graduating from the Australian Institute of Fitness, to lead them to this career milestone, and to find out what it takes to win such a prominent award.

Fitness Australia’s #ActiveAchievers award recognises the outstanding work fitness instructors and personal trainers do everyday to help you live a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Susie Cole, Australian Institute of Fitness graduate and now, ACT’ state #ActiveAchiever has always had a passion for fitness, and trains in the gym A LOT! It was when more and more people kept asking Susie for training advice that she finally decided to take the plunge and become a Master Trainer.

“I was looking for something flexible, that I could do in my own time, because I was still working full time in the Air Force, and I needed to be able to study anywhere. The online Master Trainer Program™ gave me that. I got the support I needed from my eCoach and the online discussion forums were great.”

Since graduating, Susie has had a strong focus on professional development, specifically in the functional movement and rehabilitation. “Having had a few injuries of my own, I have always had a strong interest in helping people move better than they had before injury.” Susie, is now running her own part time business, Fitness for Wellness, where the training sessions focus on movement patterns, to enable bodies to do what people want them to do, for longer.

Now an #ActiveAchiever award winner, Susie’s top three tips for new personal trainers entering the industry are:

#1 - BE CONFIDENT!  No one knows that you finished your Cert IV five minutes ago, so carry yourself like you’ve had it forever.

#2 - NEVER STOP LEARNING! There is so much to learn in the fitness industry. Find something that excites you, and get into it.

#3 - BE KIND TO YOURSELF! Make sure you take breaks when you need them, and give yourself time to recharge.

The #ActiveCommunities award celebrates the outstanding work that your gyms, personal training businesses and clubs do to create active, healthier, happier communities.


Michele Corasaniti, Institute graduate and now WA’s newest #ActiveCommunities award winner, had been a fitness fanatic for years, until finally after many friends and family saying ‘you should be a personal trainer’ she enrolled in her Master Trainer Program™ online. “I wished that I had done my Personal Training course many years ago, I never thought I could do it online.”

Once graduated from the Institute, Michele embarked on her new fitness career by taking bootcamp classes to the local school oval, but Michele wanted to help more people achieve their health and fitness goals. “From there My husband allowed me to take over his shed, to turn into a fitness studio, and I decided to start 8 week challenges - the first Challenge being called the ‘Summerbodz Fitness Challenge’.”With the great results Michele’ clients gained from this challenge, it wasn’t long until the next challenge was up and running.

“The biggest challenge entering the fitness industry for me was time. Being a trainer, working full time, and my kids kept me VERY busy.” With true passion, and dedication, you can achieve anything!

We asked Michele, if someone is thinking about pursuing a career as a Personal Trainer, what is your advice? And she shared; 

“ I would definitely recommend the Australian Institute of Fitness, the online program had loads of information, the coaches were really helpful, and the I gained good feedback once assessments had been finalised.”

For the new personal trainers entering the industry, Michele’s top three tips are;

#1 - Believe in yourself, don’t doubt yourself!

#2 - Knowledge is power, so never stop learning.

#3 - Take little steps to build your business, and listen and ask what your clients want.

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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