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Institute Graduate Josh Piterman Combines Theatre and Fitness in his Unique Business
July 14, 2015

Not sure where a fitness career could lead you? Read on to find out about a unique union between performance and fitness with Institute graduate Josh Piterman! If you are a current student, you may also recognise him as “that guy” from our textbooks.

It’s been  big couple of years for Josh, singing the national anthem to open State of Origin this year and starring in a handful of musicals. Becoming a Master Trainer with the Australian institute of Fitness in 2013 meant he could combine his passion for fitness and performance and open PITFIT in St Kilda, a business that married his love for functional training and the stage.  

Josh’s idea for a fitness studio for performers began when he was starring in Hairspray the musical in 2013. Josh wanted to train performers like athletes,offering increased stage fitness and minimising the incidence of injury.

“I wanted the training to be fun, with a movement focus, as performers are constantly using their body and doing game day eight times a week! That takes an insane amount of strength and stability.

Josh describes PITFIT as “a beautiful blend of science and sequins,”  and by putting the fun in functional, Josh found his niche catered to a broader audience.

“It just so happened that all sorts of people love this unique approach to fitness and so we see a fifty fifty split of performing artists and general population now coming to PITFIT.”

When he’s not running his business or teaching on the floor, Josh will likely be singing somewhere, starring in two major musicals, Blood Brothers and Cats, this year.

Josh’s success serves as inspiration for budding personal trainers with separate passions, as his unique business idea has payed off in a big way

“I just go about my way and try not to let fear dictate me. I know i’ll make mistakes and I'm cool with that! I like to help people and affect people positively and I love to laugh and i enjoy working hard towards a goal. I think when you approach anything from a place of happiness and genuine love, there is no ego, and therefore achieving a positive outcome is inevitable!” 

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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