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The Fitness Zone

Life as a Personal Trainer
June 16, 2015

Institute graduate and owner of Agoga and BUF Fitness, Libby Babet, gives us a sneak peak into her life as a Personal Trainer! Since graduating as a Master Trainer with the Australian Institute of Fitness, Libby has never stopped learning. Here are her top eight reasons why owning your own fitness business is a gift that keeps on giving!  

1. Getting qualified is half the fun

For eight weeks on campus I was completely immersed in learning and felt buoyed by the passion and energy of the community, many of whom had been in the industry for a very long time. It gave me confidence that they still all loved what they did so much and were still brimming with new ideas and bubbling over with creativity. I was hooked!

More than what moves what, The Institute taught me that being a Personal Trainer is a lot more about people and psychology than it is squats and sprints!

2. Training in an outdoor environment really makes you stop and have major moments of presence and appreciation

I have a really nice balance going on between indoor and outdoor training. At my outdoor business, Bottoms Up! Fitness, we train at some of the most beautiful locations around the coast and harbour. It’s all about fresh air, sand between your toes, the smell of salty water and blue skies up above. 

3. There is no better feeling than watching the sunrise every morning

Nothing beats that pre-dawn moment when you walk out of the house at 5am. The world is still sleepy and quiet, and it’s as if there’s nothing but the stillness; the crisp morning air and a sense of hope for what the day may bring. It’s like magic. Then there’s the sunrise – it’s different every day and I always wonder how many other people out there get to see and appreciate it as often as we do. It’s like a beautiful mystery waiting to be revealed every single morning.

4. My team are indescribably awesome people

Passionate, honest, with a whole lot of GO factor, I love that they’re always up for anything, chasing a good challenge and never let each other get bored. We spend hours upon hours creating each week’s sessions together and it’s like having your family around the table at dinner time – there’s so much love, laughter, debate and gentle ribbing, it’s really precious time for us all. Every one of them are incredibly talented and inspire me in a unique way. We respect each other incredibly.

5. It’s such a privilege to get to know so many different personalities and to be able to help our clients find a healthier path

To give people them a space and community to come to that’s an escape from the everyday is priceless. We research and theme each session, so every time people step into a workout with us it’s not just training, it’s an experience that puts them in the present moment and leaves them feeling something special. At Bottoms Up it’s all about the fun factor and at AGOGA, it’s about putting people in the shoes of world-class athletes.

6. You can set people on a long-term path rather than just short-term goals

I think it’s important to make sure they know it’s one step on the path, not the end of the road. Clients need to know it’s OK to have highs and lows in their training, bodies and life and that it’s important to keep adjusting, trying new things, finding joy in what they’re doing and importantly, maintaining consistency to make sure they have all the freedom of movement and health they have now, for a long time to come!

7. Every day is completely different

Every morning starts on a big high because you’re surrounded by people packed full of endorphins, but no days is the same! The path you take is entirely up to you! I work harder and longer hours than I ever have in other professions, but it doesn't feel nearly as draining because I love the work, my team and the challenge of giving people a new experience of fitness, and changing their perception of what working out is and how it makes them feel.

8. There’s a pace and energy to the industry that I know I wouldn’t find anywhere else

We have so much fun, so many laughs and although we work 5-to-9, rather than 9-to-5, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way! 

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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