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Three Ways To Get Ripped Like Bachelor, Richie
August 11, 2016

Everytime he takes off his shirt in the show, the ladies tend to go a bit crazy, so we have the Personal Trainer behind the 2016 Bachelor’s jaw-dropping bod to reveal just what it takes to get ripped like Richie.

Australian Institute of Fitness graduate and Personal Trainer, Renae Wauhop has been helping the rope access technician with his training in the lead up to The Bachelor and it’s partly thanks to her that the nation is now able to enjoy his chiseled six-pack on our screens.

Asked, how Richie Strahan stays in such amazing shape, Renae gave this advice.

#1 Set A Ridiculously Challenging Goal


Goal setting is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to getting in shape, and this is no different for our Bachelor.

Earlier this year Richie entered the Rottness Channel Swim, a lengthy 19.7km ‘dip’ to raise money for charity, and came to Renae to get him race-ready.

“Richie contacted me at my gym, Anarchy Training Centre in West Perth, as he needed some guidance on training and eating well to max his performance on the day,” says Renae, who is also a Miss Universe runner-up and was a contestant on the first season of The Amazing Race Australia.

“Richie is an avid fitness enthusiast who lives an active lifestyle year round and knows what he’s doing in the gym, but the swim just gave him that something to work towards in preparation for his time on The Bachelor.”

#2 Get Yourself An Amazing Trainer


Even for those who know as much about fitness as Richie, when setting new challenges it is always a great idea to get advice from a pro to help you reach your goals.

When Richie went to Renae, he asked for assistance with training and eating well to maximise his performance on swim day. “The first thing that needed changing straight away was increasing his time in the pool, as he did not come from a swimming background,” says Renae.

“I also made sure he knew his carbohydrate intake needed to go up with him training more than usual (more ‘cool bananas’?). Other than that he’s a good eater, so I didn’t really need to tweak much. He does however have a weakness for chocolate, but I believe you need to have some balance in your life, so I let him get away with that.”

Another benefit of having a Personal Trainer is that they can help you mentally prepare for a big event. Nerves always seem to get to poor Richie, and reassuring him that he wasn’t going to get eaten by a shark was high on the priority list for Renae’s pre race pep talks!

#3 Be Prepared To Work Hard For The Prize


Richie loves to train chest and abs, which is clearly evident, but when it came to the swim his favourite ‘drop set chest sessions’ sometimes had to be substituted for time in the water so he could get those extra kilometers under his belt.

“When training for the swim, Richie would hit the pool a few times a week doing drills, technique and laps to get his swimming up to scratch,” shares Renae. He would also do a couple of strength and conditioning sessions that were specific to swimming to help strengthen him for the swim.”

Renee's favourite part about training Richie was his competitive nature: “Some of the locals in the pool lanes next to him used to find themselves in a race they didn’t know about,” she jokes.

Not only did Richie absolutely SMASH his goal of completing the Rottness Channel Swim, but the event clearly got his bod in the best condition yet, ready for his shirtless scenes in the show.

Training aside, when we asked Renae about the ideal match for Richie, she said, “I really hope he meets someone that can keep up with his quick wit and active lifestyle.” Hmm, who do we think? Megan? Alex?

Renae’s advice to all the contestants after RIchie's heart? Sneakers are probably a good investment!

Photo Credit: @Richie_Strahan Instagram and Aire West Perth campaign, Emma Van Dordrecht, F22 Photography

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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