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Why Even Model Lauren Vickers Wants To Become A Master Trainer
July 7, 2016

Ever wondered what it takes to be as fit as Model Lauren Vickers? Well we caught up with the gorgeous Lauren to find out, and to see how she manages to juggles her busy work schedule, as well as staying fit and studying her Master Trainer Program™️!

“Even though it is pretty much a requirement to be fit and healthy for my job, the modelling industry is not alway conducive to regular workout routines,” says Lauren Vickers, international Model and current Master Trainer student.

”An average day on the job usually includes a 4am start, or even working through till 10pm at night, and no two days of the week are ever the same.” So what’s the key to maintaining a training regime with a busy schedule?, It is all about being adaptable according to this Aussie babe. Scheduling your training sessions like you would a meeting or appointment, and keeping your gym gear in the car so you can duck off the gym on your break are just a couple of ways Lauren keeps active. “I have my off times, like everyone else, but I think if you make training a regular thing, it’s easier to keep on top of and stay in your best shape.”

Lauren is often asked questions around her personal health and fitness regime, which is why she decided to become a qualified Personal Trainer, and it is thanks to her gym Fitness First who put her in touch with the Australian Institute of Fitness. “I tend to write articles and represent brands in the health and fitness realm, so I thought it would be best to get qualified if I was going to give advice.” For those working in the fitness industry, or public figures like Lauren, who do share advice around health and fitness, it is crucial to have a nationally recognised qualification. By doing so, it demonstrates the Personal Trainer is competent, professional and has the skills and knowledge required to give clients the information they need to reach their training goals.

“Learning about health and fitness has already taught me so much and the knowledge I have learned studying at The Institute has helped me weed out some bad habits in my own routine, improve technique and give me new ideas for my own workouts.” Lauren has her own Personal Trainer who has been a HUGE driving force in her lifestyle changes and who has also encouraged her to become a PT herself.

With a successful modelling career under her belt, it is clear Lauren is no newbie when it comes to building her own personal brand and running a successful business so how does she do it?! “Always keep your main goal in mind and consistently researching trends, markets and techniques is key with all the new technology that’s available now,” shares Lauren, who adds that social media is a great way to connect with people and brands you never thought you would be able to, but nothing beats face time with people.

With only a number of weeks before Lauren is a fully qualified Master Trainer, we asked her what her biggest piece of advice for fitness professionals looking to start their own business is, and she said, “If you work hard and believe in your product enough to make it the best you can, then the rest flows on, but your business will only work as hard as you do!”

Photo Credit: @LaurenKvickers

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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