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Boxing Skills & Fitness
Australian Combat & Exercise

Boxing Skills & Fitness is Australia's most accredited boxing course and has been developed, presented and supported by some of Australia's most experienced and qualified sports scientists and boxing and martial arts coaches.


This course takes a new approach to boxing skills & fitness and is designed for new & experienced trainers.

You will learn

  • A Progression system for Boxing
  • Correct usage of focus pads, boxing shields & other equipment
  • Innovative coaching methods for teaching basic boxing skills
  • A seminar on the science and application of HIIT
  • Sessions structure and programming for One on One & Group sessions
  • Exercise science backed injury prevention techniques
  • How to easily create your own combinations
  • Footwork, shadow sparring & reaction drills
  • Hand wrapping

Accreditation Points (One Day)

12 CEC’s, 8 ESSA CPDs, 8 ASCA, 3 PDPs & FITREC


"This course should be the national standard for any health or fitness professional engaging clients in boxing exercise for fitness and health purposes. We have a duty of care to our clients to have adequate training and to be following best practice principles. This course is essential to all instructors utilising boxing for fitness." 
- Natalie Delana, Accredited Exercise Physiologist
"The basics and fundamentals of boxing are vital not only for professional boxers but just as important for fitness professionals. If you want to teach the correct technique and prevent injury you should do this course."
Hussy Hussein, Former World Number One, Australian Olympian and Trainer of Australian & world champions

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