About Solveig Litchfield

Master Coach (Nutrition and Business) - National

Since the age of five, Solveig has been passionate about sport, so it is of no surprise she found herself wanting to learn more about the science behind exercise and went on to complete her bachelor degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Through this degree a new passion for nutrition and its integral role in optimum sports performance was established.

Solveig has been at the Australian Institute of Fitness, Qld, for six years and has moved from being a face-to-face Coach in Certificate III and IV in Fitness to managing the Online Learning Team . In 2015, Solveig took on the new role of National Master Coach for Nutrition and Business. 

In addition to her role here at the Australian Institute of Fitness, Solveig runs her own nutrition and personal training business and is mum to her delightful daughter, Arabella. For fun, Solveig is a sponsored long distance runner and enjoys pushing her pain barriers on the pavement in half, full and ultra marathons. In 2015 her marathon goal is to crack three hours.


  • Bachelor Exercise Science and Nutrition
  • Diploma of Management
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in TAE

Tip for Institute Friends

Positive change in health has to firstly be a cognitive shift in self-perception and value for it to lead to long-term benefits in behavioural, lifestyle and physical changes, and ultimate happiness.