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From Boundary-Setting to Break Up Parties, Here’s What Self Care Will Look Like in 2022

Dec 08, 2021  |  Published by Lifehacker AU

Pinterest has released its annual trend prediction guide for 2022 and similar to last year, the report is packed full of self-care inspiration, looking at everything from learning to style. It’s a list that is all kinds of aspirational.


If you’d like to kick off your 2022 with new healthy practices that inspire growth in every way, you can peruse some of the trends Pinterest believes will be exploding into our lives below.

self care trends 2022
Pinterest predicts self-care trends for 2022. Image supplied


Foodie trends for 2022

There are a few areas of note here, and it’s no secret we love a food story at Lifehacker. From elaborate cake projects, to cultural exploration through food and a keen interest in beautiful tea parties, here are the search terms that are on the rise as we move into 2022.

  • Gravity-defying cake ideas +70%
  • Unusual cakes +2x
  • Art cake ideas +3x
  • Bubble cake ideas +55%
  • 3D cakes ideas +60%
  • High tea food ideas +4x
  • Butterfly pea tea +70%
  • Norwegian recipes traditional +120%
  • Filipino recipes authentic +35%
  • Traditional Russian food +3x
  • South African recipes traditional +150%
  • Arabic food traditional +2x

Mindfulness and spirituality trends for 2022

Last year, we heard about the arrival of sleep yoga and bath teas. In 2022, it’s all about celebrating your achievements, expressing emotion and looking after your energy.

Here’s what’s piquing Pinterest users’ interest in the world of spirituality and mindfulness right now.


  • Rage room +150%
  • Music themed rooms +2x
  • Crystal room +8x
  • Tiny library room +12x
  • Home massage room +190%
  • Adoption party theme +30%
  • Divorce party ideas +55%
  • Adopt a pet birthday party ideas +85%
  • Break-up cake +2x
  • Empty nest photoshoot +40%
  • Useful crafts for adults +2x
  • How to protect your energy +60%
  • How to raise your vibration +145%
  • Spiritual awakening stages +4x
  • Aura colours +36x
  • Frequency healing +35%

Health and exercise trends for 2022

Similar to The Australian Institute of Fitness, Pinterest has also pulled together its predictions on health and fitness for 2022. The list spans across menstrual education and a toned-down approach to fitness.

  • Follicular phase +70%
  • Luteal phase +40%
  • Period care +3x
  • Menstrual cycle chart +95%
  • Period starter kit +85%
  • Floating aesthetic +170%
  • Lazy workout in bed +135%
  • Daily stretching routine +80%
  • Walking in nature +95%
  • Simple dance moves +150%

Personal growth trends for 2022


From learning about finance to bettering our approach to relationships, Pinterest predicts that 2022 is going to be a big year for self-reflection.

  • Couples counselling worksheets +115%
  • Healthy marriage tips +190%
  • Uncomfortable questions to ask +4x
  • Friendship dynamics +4x
  • Setting healthy boundaries +170%
  • Art business ideas +75%
  • Party rental business ideas +95%
  • Mobile business ideas +100%
  • Eyelash business ideas +60%
  • Becoming an estate agent +135%
  • Investment tips +195%
  • Passive income tips +35%
  • Financial education +155%
  • Financial planning bullet journal +90%
  • Investment property for beginners +45%

Travel and experience trends for 2022

With travel potentially being back on the cards for so many people, folks are getting mighty excited about the prospect of exploring new spaces. Here are the key travel and experience-adjacent trends that are picking up interest right now.

  • Road trip aesthetic +2x
  • Bioluminescence aesthetic +95%
  • Han River night +65%
  • Sea night beach +150%
  • London city night +2x
  • Lake resort +2x
  • Small pontoon boats +90%
  • Lake trip outfits +3x
  • Lake home plans +40%
  • Summer lake aesthetic +180%

Style and beauty trends for 2022

In 2022 we’re looking at bright dressing as a mood lifter, statement watches and natural hair in the world of style and beauty. Here’s what people are interested in.

  • Rainbow dress women +2x
  • Fuschia dress outfit +4x
  • Electric blue outfit +140%
  • Vibrant outfits +16x
  • Gradient dress +95%
  • Clockwork aesthetic +55%
  • Watch collection display +65%
  • Men’s luxury watches +6x
  • Trendy watches +6x
  • Oversized clocks wall décor +7x
  • High puff hairstyles +165%
  • Space buns natural hair +100%
  • Two puffs natural hair hairstyles +65%
  • Short natural hairstyles +185%
  • Natural hair bun styles +160%
  • Bob cut wigs +3x
  • Octopus haircut +2x
  • Shaved head dye designs +12x
  • Short hair mohawk +2x
  • Mullet hairstyle +190%
  • Galaxy nail art +115%
  • Aurora nails +4x
  • Ocean nails acrylic +5x
  • Desert nails +105%
  • Geode nail art +2x

It’s a pretty robust starting point for a healthier, happier and more beautiful year in 2022, no? Which self-care trends are you keen to dive into next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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