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Diet Facts & Myths: How Nutrition Coaches Can Keep Their Clients On Track

Jan 29, 2020 | by Jessica Bryant

The success of a client’s nutrition and diet plan hinges largely on the quality of the relationship with their nutrition coach. A professional nutrition coach helps their clients hold themselves accountable, motivates clients to take control of their health and provide clients with a plan and basic tools to keep their health and wellness on track.

A nutrition coach is also incredibly useful when it comes to sorting fact from fiction in the realm of dieting. With all the fads and shortcuts coupled with a growing population of misleading “gurus” on social media, a certified nutrition coach provides information a client can trust.

Why keep your clients motivated and on track

When it comes to a successful and viable diet plan, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Every client is different with their own unique goals, lifestyles, body type and levels of fitness. Working with your client and taking time to understand the emotions motivating their goals and actions can help you to uncover a personalized plan that will see them motivated and successful.

Working with a client and allowing them to become comfortable enough to discuss their plans, their goals, and their challenges can inspire change along with a willingness to implement a healthy lifestyle.

A good nutrition coach asks their clients “why” – why is losing weight important to you; why do you feel you struggle with making healthier habits? Uncovering the deeper questions helps to get to the core of a client and their long-held beliefs or attitudes toward dieting, which may have blocked them from achieving their optimum health.

Establishing this personal connection allows clients to feel heard and shows that you are invested in their goals. Good nutrition coaches believe in their vision and share this passion with their clients. By positioning themselves as a health ally to their client, both parties will be motivated to work together towards the client’s health goals.

A motivated client who can see their goals as being achievable is most likely to stick to their prescribed plan. The more motivated you keep your clients, the more likely they’re going to stick to their plan and see results – and the more likely they will remain long-term clients!

For many clients embarking on a new fitness or diet plan, the long-term goal may appear too far out of reach. As a nutrition coach, you can help break down their goals into daily steps, making the end goal appear more attainable.

Dissecting 3 diet facts & myths

With all the fad diets, guides promising rapid overnight weight loss, and oftentimes conflicting facts about nutrition and physical activity, it can be very frustrating and overwhelming for clients looking to lose fat. Learning healthy habits from a professional nutrition coach ensures the best success in long-term health and wellbeing. There are a lot of diet facts and myths out there, let’s have a look at the most common:

Myth 1: To lose weight, you have to cut out carbs and fats

Carbs have unnecessarily been given a bad rep in recent years. For many, the idea is to cut out all carbs such as bread, pasta, and rice in order to lose weight. However, this isn’t wise nor true. “Even if you do experience quick weight loss by cutting carbs, it’s most likely water weight”, explains personal trainer and founder of Flow Athletic, Ben Lucas.

Eating little to no carbs can actually hinder your weight loss progress since very low-carb diets can cause poor energy, low mood, an insatiable appetite, and poor gut function. The same goes for fats. While it’s wise to limit processed fats such as butter, healthy fats such as avocado provides an important component of our diet.

“Fats, especially essential fats, are a necessary part of our diets. Instead of fearing fats, just like carbs, take a balanced approach”, nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin told HuffPost Australia. As with everything in life, moderation and balance are key. Eliminating foods or grouping foods into “bad” vs “good” is not conducive to a successful diet plan or fat loss.

Myth 2: More physical activity = better

While it may seem that the fastest most effective way of losing weight is by exercising frequently, too much exercise can work against you. Fitness training should be accompanied by healthy food choices and again, performed in moderation. When it comes to training, quality really is more important than quantity.

Myth 3: Gluten-free is a healthier alternative

Gluten-free foods have gained more prominence on supermarket shelves and cafe display cabinets of late. While gluten-free options are a crucial food addition for those who are gluten intolerant or suffer from Celiac Disease, the vast majority of us should go without. This is because gluten-free foods tend to be high in refined sugar and has no real nutritional advantage to regular foods.

Become a Certified Nutrition Coach

Ready to kick off your journey as a professional nutrition coach? Sign up to our Nutrition Coach course. The Nutrition Coach course is online and has been designed to empower fitness professionals to be better equipped to provide current nutrition information to clients within their scope of practice.

Using the latest evidence-based principles, students will learn nutrition for optimal health at every age, for weight management, and for performance and muscle growth.

Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant is the National Communications Manager at the Australian Institute of Fitness.


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