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What are Career Opportunities like for Personal Trainers?

Sep 15, 2015 | by AIF

Becoming a personal trainer might be the perfect job for those planning on pursuing a career in the health and fitness industry.

Interested? Being a personal trainer comes with many benefits such as workplace flexibility. Your work schedule doesn’t have to be fixed, and you aren’t limited to being stuck in one place, such as the gym. A good personal trainer takes their clients out and about, and is constantly thinking of new and different ways to challenge them!

The role of the modern personal trainer might be a little different than you think. Today’s health and fitness industry are constantly changing and growing, offering an influx of new career opportunities.

Simon Mager, a General Manager at the Australian Institute of Fitness Queensland, shares his first-hand experience on the type of opportunities that exist out there for fitness professionals.

7 career opportunities for Personal Trainers

1. Outdoor group training

Australia offers a range of excellent fitness facilities, and clients have a wide range of choices when picking challenging workout experiences that motivate them to take their personal fitness seriously. Outdoor group training sessions have significantly grown in popularity. Successful fitness businesses like Bootcamps Australia and Fitness First have outdoor group training classes which target people of all fitness levels.

To be successfully considered for a position, new PT’s will be expected to have sound knowledge in outdoor group training.

2. Adventure racing

Adventure racing appeals to a variety of people ranging from everyday gym goers to die-hard gym junkies. Events such as Tough Mudder, True Grit, and Beach Bash take place in both urban and rural areas with large numbers of people taking part. While the popularity of these events has grown, there has also been a side-by-side growth in fitness training to support the performance of participants. Being able to help train others so they are prepared for such events is a great career option.

You could also think of organising miniature versions of these large events on a weekly or monthly basis.

3. Small group personal training (SGPT)

Next time you walk into a modern fitness studio, don’t expect to see lines of treadmills and cross trainers. Many new gyms focus on functional training that is comprised of suspension exercises using crankit straps and kettlebells. Small group personal trainers work with groups of 3-5 people who find this approach cost effective. They mix outdoor, indoor and circuit training activities, combining a variety of training tools to achieve amazing results in a fun environment.

4. Cruise ships

With the increase in popularity of cruise holiday packages, there has been a growing need for different facilities and activities on board. Just adding a gym on a ship is no longer sufficient. Travellers expect a healthy lifestyle while at sea. To meet these expectations there has been a rise in demand for personal trainers on cruise ships who are able to provide training to a variety of clients. PTs on cruise ships will need to have indepth knowledge on how to assess and train people of all ages and fitness levels.

5. Small to large companies

Today’s business and corporation owners understand there is a direct correlation between long hours at work and poor health. Many companies are now looking to improve their employee’s fitness by providing personal training sessions during the workday in an effort to increase physical movement. This improves fitness levels and offers workers a chance for social interaction.

6. Working out at home

Many clients prefer to be able to work out from home due to convenience. As a PT, you’ll need to be prepared for this. Most people won’t have a fully-fitted gym at their premises, so expect to invest in some basic equipment that you can take along. You may find that people of an older demographic might prefer to exercise at home, due to both convenience and lack of mobility.

7. Wellness coach

Your work as a PT doesn’t have to stop at exercise training. With extra knowledge and additional training, you can work to become a wellness coach. Wellness coaching usually incorporates multiple facets of a client’s wellbeing and health, such as exercise, diet and lifestyle choices. By becoming qualified in different aspects of wellness coaching you can expand on your knowledge as a PT to provide an all-round approach to better health.

This opens doors for the next level of personal trainers to enter the industry. Those that have a business mindset will conquer as the industry expands at a significant rate. You don’t have to stick to working for gyms and businesses that are already established. As a personal trainer, it’s important for you to work at building your own image. Having the right business acumen and strategy can help you build your own brand.

Companies are looking for more than a Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness. You need a sound understanding of what it takes to be a fitness professional. To really stand out aim to bring in something new to the industry. Create a unique sales perspective that may encourage the 80% of people not currently training to get up and go! Industry leaders are looking for someone who sets trends and brings inspiration into fitness – is that you?

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