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Top 16 Influencers of Fitness and Nutrition

Personal training began in the homes of celebrities, but today Personal Trainers are becoming celebrities themselves. These 16 fitness gurus are great examples of how you can share your knowledge and passion for fitness with a wider audience, and become a major influencer in the industry.

From South Australia

Kayla Itsines

Kayla began her fitness journey in 2008 with a personal training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness, and graduated as a Master Trainer. She specialises in providing workouts and cardio techniques to help women develop a confident bikini body in the most efficient way.

Posting client transformations on Facebook and Instagram, Kayla has inspired thousands of women to achieve a bikini body with her training and nutrition tips. Kayla helps her fans achieve a bikini-confident body in 12 weeks or less, and believes that healthy eating is the most important part of weight loss.

From New South Wales

Cameron Byrnes

Cameron Byrnes is bringing sexy back. This Personal Trainer to the Stars, Fitness Model, and Health and Fitness Expert on Channel 7's hit show Bringing Sexy Back, has an influence that goes way beyond a quiet tete á tete with a client. Cameron offers an online coaching program, but he also takes on private clients.

Cameron has trained a number of celebrities and knows how to give them the results they need. He teaches his clients how their body operates and how an unhealthy diet affects their performance. He explains the processes involved with weight loss and muscle gain, and the right way to achieve each of his client’s goals.

Cameron is currently studying to be a Nutrition Coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

From Australian Capital Territory

Jenna Douros

Jenna is a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness, ebook writer, and founder of the Lift into Life brand. Lift into Life is a community of unstoppable women dedicated to the pursuit of achieving a strong mind and body. It’s about being your best, not giving up, and never being satisfied with failure.

Jenna’s books include The AB Bible, The Home Workout Program, and her Intermediate and Advanced Workouts. Customers who buy all three of her workout programs can also access her free nutrition and lifestyle tips on how to create that strong mind and body, and become part of the Lift into Life community.

Jenna was also an Oxygen cover girl, which was a goal she’d worked toward for much of her life.

From New South Wales

Emily Skye

Emily Skye is a fitness model who describes herself as the “skinny, insecure, depressed” girl who got “fit, healthy, happy and confident”. With a video library of exercises and nutritionist-developed meal plans, Emily is showing women of all ages and body types how to trim, tone and shape their entire body. She graduated as a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness on her road to fitness success.

Her workouts can be done in or out of the gym, and she has special meal plans for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free and lactose-free clients. Emily also provides motivational and mindset videos and emails, and has influenced over 4 million people around the world with her work.

From New South Wales

Blake Worrall-Thompson

Blake Worrall-Thompson is one of Australia’s most sought-after fitness professionals. Blake founded the Ministry of Wellbeing, and is always striving to find the best trainers in the country to represent the brand. He is an Australian Institute of Fitness graduate as a Master Trainer, and was also the Personal Trainer on Eat Yourself Sexy.

The Ministry of Wellbeing philosophy goes beyond providing clients with fitness and nutrition advice. The Wellbeing way is to also look at health from a holistic standpoint, addressing sleep, stress and digestive health management. Blake’s evangelical approach to fitness means that his influence goes beyond his clients. As more trainers adopt the Ministry of Health philosophy, his influence on the industry will be considerable.

From South Australia

Kirsty Welsh

Kirsty Welsh lives, breathes and loves everything to do with fitness and wellness. She’s a passionate role model for the industry as a writer, Personal Trainer, and Health and Wellness Coach. Her studies on this path were completed at the Australian Institute of Fitness, where she graduated as a Master Trainer.

Kirsty doesn’t just focus on the physical, she wants people to transform their lives to achieve the many benefits of living a more holistic life. It’s not just about fitness, she’s after a total lifestyle transformation. Kirsty was a behind-the-scenes Personal Trainer in Channel 9’s BIG:Extreme Makeover and is a regular health writer and fitness model for Body+Soul and various health publications nationally.

From New South Wales

Libby Babet

Libby Babet founded Bottoms Up! Fitness in 2010 as a fun, social fitness training just for girls. Bottoms Up! Fitness is all about workouts, nutrition, inspiration and girl power. It’s a fitness model that ticks all the boxes as a way for women to exercise in a non-threatening, easy going environment. Libby doesn’t focus on changing women, but on getting them to enjoy exercise and learn to love their bodies, whatever shape and size they come in.

Libby knows that when you enjoy exercising you stick at it, and when you stay at it the changes come anyway. What’s more, the social component makes women feel part of the community and fitness becomes part of their lifestyle. It’s so simple it has to be brilliant.

Libby graduated as a Master Trainer with Australian Institute of Fitness.

From Victoria

Jade Cara

Jade Cara may be best known to Australians as fiancé of Australia’s Next Top Model judge, Didier Cohen, however she is making an impact on the fitness industry through her­ lifestyle via social media.

Jade captures and embraces an active and healthy lifestyle through her Instagram account, where thousands of her followers gain inspiration and motivation through her daily posts. This can be more effective than any motivation you give as a Personal Trainer, as it gives followers the desire to make changes in their life, above and beyond what you do with them in your sessions together.

Jade studied her Master Trainer certification at the Australian Institute of Fitness in 2015, moving her closer to achieving her fitness goals.

From New South Wales

Ali Cavill

Ali Cavill graduated as a Master Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor at the Australian Institute of Fitness, and is a Development Officer at Netball NSW. As well as being a Personal Trainer, Ali is a popular Group Fitness Instructor and an InShape News columnist. Ali is a Fitness Ambassador for Australian Sports Nutrition & Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing. You’ll see Ali on some of the Australian Institute of Fitness TV Commercials & YouTube reels, as well as on various TV spots, such as Home and Away, Rake and the odd commercial. She’s a promotional model for Fitness Australia, a Fitness Trainer on The Circle and an ambassador for several fitness brands.

From New South Wales

Lindy Olsen

Five time World Natural Figure and Model Champion Lindy Olsen is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. With 9 national and international figure shaping titles behind her, not to mention a 25kg weight loss that started it all off, Lindy is committed to being a role model for both men and women in whatever size and shape they come in. Lindy’s personal approach comes from her experience going through a fitness metamorphosis that changed her appearance and her life. She’s a Health Fitness Ambassador for Musashi Performance Nutrition, and the Editor-in-Chief of Oxygen Magazine Australia. Lindy also writes for several Australian Fitness magazines.

From Western Australia

Amanda Bisk

When athletes come into personal training they come with a persistence to be the best in their new field. Amanda Bisk is a highly qualified trainer who was a gymnast at the West Australian Institute of Sport, a national high jumper at the same institute, and a Commonwealth Games pole vaulter. She now brings all her training, knowledge and dedication to her work as a coach and fitness trainer.

Amanda’s mantra is to learn, lead and love your active journey. She lives a life empowered with balance, health and happiness, and imparts that to all who work with her.

From New South Wales

Dan Conn

If you’ve heard about the F45 Training craze that is taking over the fitness industry, you may know that Dan Conn is behind it all. Dan is passionate about the future of the health and fitness industry, and is excited to be part of this amazing industry.

This former NRL star played for the Sydney City Roosters, Gold Coast Titans and Canterbury Bulldogs. He also has the claim to fame of starring on MTV’s Geordie Shore and Ex on The Beach.

Being sidelined with a neck injury from NRL didn’t stop Dan from being motivated about fitness, and he is keen to share those ideas with as many people as he can. Dan’s reach extends through social media, modelling, TV commercials, reality TV, The Footy Show and The Matty Johns Show.

From New South Wales

Ashley Freeman

Ashley Freeman is a Sydney-based health and fitness enthusiast and fitness model competitor. Ashley placed second in the nationals for body sculpting, and has released her own ebook Balanced Body Guidelines. She’s a motivational speaker and models for Lorna Jane and Rebel Sport.

Ashley has a holistic approach to fitness, one which incorporates the body, mind and soul. As a bootcamp leader, Ashley brings as many aspects of fitness into her classes introducing strength, flexibility and endurance challenges. And as a Zumba Instructor, she runs an energising class which is guaranteed to make you smile.

From Victoria

Dani Stevens

Four kids and a country town were never going to stop Dani Stevens from making an impact on the fitness industry. Dani’s love for her former Yugoslavia and the memories created there with food are the inspirations for her nutrition blog. Creating a perfect balance of healthy food while maintaining a six person household was never going to be an easy gig, but it was always going to an inspiring one.

Dani’s blog has a huge following, as do her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Her appeal isn’t just the food porn, she’s an everyday mum getting her food and fitness right and that’s enormously inspirational.

From New South Wales

Hayden Quinn

Hayden Quinn is a fresh face in the fitness industry. He is still studying to be a Master Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness, but he’s already a big influencer. The Sydney-born lifeguard rose to fame in the 2011 series of Masterchef Australia with his boyish good looks, and love for cooking and sharing good food. He’s gone on to produce his cookbook “Dish It Up” and two ebooks, while his “UNREFINED” and “Baking with Nutorious” series of visual food adventures have made him a YouTube star. Among various television projects, Hayden has also found time to co-open The Cube Gym on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

From New South Wales

Felicia Oreb and
Diana Johnson

Felicia and Diana are Personal Trainer sisters who specialise in training women. These women live and breathe fitness and love inspiring others to be as healthy, fit and strong as they can be. The Base Body Babe philosophy isn’t just about looking good, it’s feeling good from the inside out.

Felicia and Diana are passionate about inspiring and educating women on how to exercise, eat better and achieve and maintain the body shape they’re looking for. They’ve tried most of the fads and experimented with different foods and guarantee that their system is the best one out there.