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The tech that will help you grow your PT business

May 27, 2021 | by Molly Fabri

Growing your business as a personal trainer has become easier in recent years, with the creation of incredible technology and online platforms designed specifically to help you succeed.

At the Australian Institute of Fitness, we partner with companies who can make our graduates’ lives easier, helping them get the foot up they need to really excel in the fitness industry.

So, allow us to introduce you to five of our tech-focused industry partners with the goods to help you become the most successful PT you can be!


Built specifically for the fitness industry, GYYMI is an Australian innovation achieving two key things: first, helping PTs run their businesses successfully and profitably from the palm of their hand; and second, helping gyms create additional revenue streams from underutilised space.

This unique smartphone app functions as an instant booking platform and client management system, working to connect personal trainers with gyms offering ‘pay by the hour’ gym rental. GYYMI also includes sophisticated, yet simple to use, features within the app, ranging from automatic invoicing, to daily calendars and reminders for client management, contactless payments, and addictive live dashboards for monitoring income and client growth.

Described as a cross between AirBnB for gyms, and Uber for PTs looking for space, GYYMI is providing the fitness industry with a long-awaited alternative to the traditional PT/gym rental model.

Learn more about GYYMI here.


KIXXFIT is a mobile and web platform that allows health and fitness professionals to grow their communities and monetise their online products and services. By growing your online business with KIXXFIT, not only will new clients be able to discover you, but your loyal clients will be able to enjoy your services more often.

You’ll be able to increase your business’ brand awareness and discoverability for new clients by uploading free content, and also use the platform to scale your income stream by offering your services at a price you set. KIXXFIT allows you to free yourself from the time, schedule and location-based constraints of the past and truly grow and scale your income and client base.

Learn more about KIXXFIT here. 


PlaySport is the first online marketplace connecting consumers to a huge array of sport, fitness, recreation and wellbeing providers.

PlaySport offers AIF Warriors the opportunity to be promoted for FREE on Australia’s largest and most innovative sports, recreation and wellbeing directory. PlaySport does all the work of promoting you through multiple on-platform searches and campaigns, as well as social media and direct marketing advertising.

All you need to do is keep your PlaySport Profile professional and up-to-date and freely use the other tools to make it easy for people to connect and book into any of your classes or events.

Learn more about Playsport here.


Ezypay is an automated subscription billing service, transforming the way that AIF’s graduates go on to control and collect their client’s payments and fees, and relieving them of the manual administration duties involved in client sign-ups and late payment collections.

Users of the Ezypay platform are able to easily create bespoke payment plans for clients by setting direct debit instructions, such as frequency of payments, amounts to be collected and payment methods. The platform also enables paperless direct debits, as well as automatic failed payment handling and electronic payment reminders, helping PT’s get paid faster and maximise their cash flow.

Learn more about Ezypay here. 


GoXpro strive to provide Personal Trainers with the best PT platform available, so that they can stand out in a crowded market. 

In goXpro you’ll find features for the creation of made-to-measure programs that will organically pull potential clients away from generic workouts. You’ll also be able to show a clear point of difference with individualised client assessments for fitness, muscle biomechanics, body composition and posture. These individualised client assessments have been shown to improve client retention by up to 5x the Australian fitness industry average.

From a fitness business point of view, goXpro has all the features you need to manage your clients, your time and your services. Getting paid is also easy with goXpro; you can choose to invoice clients, take cash and card payments or automatically direct debit your clients with the integration of Ezypay, our industry partner highlighted above. 

Learn more about goXpro here

It is incredibly important for us to connect our Warriors with the greatest career opportunities, but also with initiatives and platforms that will help them to succeed as they move through their career in the fitness industry. Our Warriors receive special offers and discounts from our many Industry Partners, so be sure to check out our Industry Partner page here.

If you’re not already a Personal Trainer, check out our Master Trainer Program™ and take the first step to reaching your best potential.

Molly Fabri

Molly Fabri

Communications and Partnerships Coordinator
Molly Fabri is the Communications and Partnerships Coordinator at the Australian Institute of Fitness.


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