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Clearing up Common Online Study Misconceptions

Apr 22, 2020 | by Jessica Bryant

We’ve been in the business of online fitness education for over 10 years now, and in that time we have come across many misconceptions that can often hold students back from choosing a modality that has some incredible benefits.

So, to help you discover if online study is right for you, we took these misconceptions to our expert in the field; Lahnee Castro, AIF’s Lead Online Coach, to delve into them and bring you some clarity.

Misconception: Online Study = Less Support

One of the main misconceptions people have about online study centres around the fear of not having the support and assistance required to succeed. To ensure our online students receive the same unrivalled support of our on-campus students, we created a dedicated Centralised Online Learning Team who are there to help every step of the way, and are available for support on demand. There is even the option to participate in virtual tutorials each week where the Online Team uses Zoom (an online video chat platform) to provide you with additional learning support.

Students in our virtual modailiy have the benefit of being able to ask questions and receive support in live-time with the virtual guided classroom sessions, so if you work best in a traditional learning environment, our virtual modality may be best suited to you.

Misconception: Online Study = No Peer Interaction

Social interaction with your peers is such an important part of the learning process; you can ask them for their opinion, motivate each other to stay on track and feel at ease that you are all in the same boat and experiencing this together. Our online students have access to a Facebook group where they are encouraged to ask course questions, assist others and interact. Our Online Coaches are available in the Group too, where they answer questions and provide supplementary learning to enhance your experience!  There are also messaging and forum capabilities on the eLearning platform too!

For those who crave more social interaction with their peers, our virtual modality is delivered through Zoom sessions where you can see, chat and interact with your classmates in real-time. For brainstorming and interactive activities, we use ‘Zoom Breakout Rooms’ where you can work together with your peers via video chat.

Misconception: Online Study = Lower Quality of Education

There are many benefits to our online modality in regards to the quality of education. The course content between online and on-campus is identical, however, it is undeniable that you will get a slightly different experience online. With the online modality it is more self-paced, so it would suit a learner who enjoys time to reflect on their learning and apply practical concepts in their own time.

Learning how to use different technologies and online platforms can be extremely beneficial to enhance your PT business. You will be frequently using Zoom for tutorials and filming yourself performing exercises for assessments; both helpful skills that can be utilised for future online PT clients. Video analysis can also support further self-reflection, and your coach will be able to give you very specific feedback based on this format of assessment evidence. Powerful feedback contributes to your overall growth and development during your course.

Misconception: Online Study = Harder to stay motivated

The misconception that Online Study is harder than On-Campus study is common in those who struggle with self-motivation. Although many students love the freedom of our self-paced online modality for those who lack self-motivation, completing self-guided online study can be difficult. In the past, AIF has been able to assist these people through immense support from our Online Coaches, fun assessments and creative lessons to ensure motivation stays high. The launch of our virtual modality however,  has seen even greater success for those students who needed that extra push.

For those who prefer a guided, structured learning environment to keep them motivated, the virtual modality is our solution. Delivered through 4 virtual classrooms by an expert AIF virtual Coach each week, virtual is the closest thing to learning on-campus and is a success hack for those who struggle with motivation.

Our online study options

At the Australian Institute of Fitness, we’ve been providing online study options since 2009. Originally targeted towards those living internationally or too far from an AIF campus, we adapted our Master Trainer Program™ into an online version, with a dedicated Online Learning Team to provide remote support and assistance. We also launched two additional online courses; Nutrition Coach and Fitness Business Essentials. 

Since then, with technological advances and the option of online study becoming more appealing and accessible to students all around Australia, we have taken our online study options to the next level. By Introducing our virtual modality in 2022, we were able to provide a guided online learning experience that differs from our self-paced online offering, catering to the needs of all learning preferences.

For more information on our Master Trainer Program™ and Master Trainer Plusᐩ Program™ enquire here. 

Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant

Communications & Marketing Manager

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