11046NAT Certificate IV in Nutrition
Study Modes
12 months

Course overview

The Complete Nutritionist program offers the most extensive foundation for aspiring nutritionists seeking national accreditation and insurance. 

Upon graduation from this program, you’ll be equipped with the hands-on skills and comprehensive knowledge needed to offer personalised guidance and to develop tailored nutrition plans, empowering both yourself and your clients to reach their health and wellness aspirations.


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Who this course is for

  • Those looking to get qualified as a fully accredited and insured nutritionist 
  • Those who want to help others improve their health and wellness through nutrition 
  • Those who want to develop a comprehensive understanding of nutrition to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle
  • Those who want to become a multi-skilled professional within the health and wellness sector 


With obesity rates in Australia on the rise, more people than ever need assistance with making healthy nutrition choices.

Understanding nutrition empowers individuals to make informed choices about their diet, leading to better health, vitality, and well-being.

Career opportunities

  • Nationally Recognised Nutritionist 

What You will Learn

  • Hands-on skills and in-depth knowledge required to become a registered nutritionist
  • How to prescribe calorie and macro-specific diet plans
  • How to prescribe evidence-based supplementation
  • The science and application of popular nutrition systems

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  • The science and application of popular nutrition systems
  • To understand diet systems, such as low carb, carnivore and many more!
  • How to interpret biological feedback cues
  • How periodise nutritional plans how incredible transformations
  • How to conduct effective client consultation sessions
  • How to use technology to optimise client results
  • The science of the gut, microbiome and detoxication
  • Insight into behavioural psychology & how to understand client habits and emotions
  • How to interconnect health, fitness, and nutrition
  • The future of nutrition coaching
  • How to grow your nutrition coaching business

Course Modules

You’ll accomplish your goals and achieve your qualifications by undergoing and completing the following units within your courses:

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Competency Code Competency Title  
HLTAAP001 + HLTAAP002 (Combined Units) Recognise Healthy Body Systems + Confirm Physical Health Status
NAT11046001 Promote the Concepts of Health and Nutrition in Relation to Nutrition
NAT11046002 Apply the Fundamentals of Nutrition to Meet a Client’s Dietary Needs
NAT11046003 Design a Nutritional Plan for an Individual
NAT11046004 Assist in Establishing Positive Digestive Health
NAT11046005 Analyse and Apply Principles of Psychology and Behaviour Management
NAT11046006 Advise Customers on the Use of Nutritional Supplements and Ergogenic Aids
NAT11046007 Provide Nutrition Information to Clients for Exercise Related Goals
NAT11046008 Design a Diet to Assist Clients in Achieving Exercise Related Goals
NAT11046009 Apply Sports Psychology Principles in a Nutritional Coaching Context
CHCCSL001 Establish and Confirm the Counselling Relationship
CHCCSL007 Support Counselling Clients in Decision Making Processes
CHCMHS011 Assess and Promote Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing


Training & assessment

The program is delivered over 14 modules, including understanding your role as an insured nutritionist, optimising client results, customised goal-based nutrition and MORE! Your program is delivered 100% online and self-paced, giving you the ability to study in your own time.

Student recruitment and training provided by Vast Fitness Academy RTO ID: 41564

Why do nutritionists need insurance?

Upon completion of this qualification you will be eligible to become a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist (NRN) upon registering with the Nutrition Council of Australia, which is a collaborative industry association that exists to promote positive nutritional information and healthy lifestyle practices within Australia.

It is through this registration process that can become eligible for insurance, for more information read here.

Those who wish to register with Nutrition Council Australia and operate as Nationally Recognised Nutritionist that works directly with clients within the limitations of the NCA endorsed Scope of Practice, are required to have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability & Products insurance.

As a Nutritionist, you provide advice and counselling about diet, food, and nutrition. Most clients would take on your advice and achieve great results, but there is always a chance that a client may experience an unforeseen reaction to your advice or misinterpret part of your plan, which could lead to them holding you legally liable and ask you to pay damages.

For example, you may have meticulously researched an eating plan for a client but a previously undiagnosed allergy to a food type activates an allergic reaction.

Professional Indemnity insurance is intended to help protect you if something goes wrong while you’re providing professional services to your client. Such as a third party alleging that you have been negligent in performing your services or giving advice, and as a result, they have suffered injury or financial loss.


What are the entry requirements?

Each student must meet the acceptance criteria and age requirements before commencing the Complete Nutritionist program.

How old do I have to be to study 11046NAT Certificate IV in Nutrition?

Students must be over 17 before they begin 11046NAT Certificate IV in Nutrition. 

Why should I get qualified as a Nutritionist?

The 11046NAT Certificate IV in Nutrition offers the most extensive foundation for aspiring nutritionists seeking accreditation and insurance.

How long does it take to become a qualified Nutritionist?

The 11046NAT Certificate IV in Nutrition is completely self-paced and can be completed within 6-12 month timeframes, while completing 5-10 hrs of study per week.


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