The Australian Institute of Fitness is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 121508). For more information on this and the services and training offered, visit Industry Accreditation.

Student Handbook

Every student is given a Student Handbook upon enrolling, and this is where you can find all the important information relating to studying with us at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Below you will find some essential things you should know from the Student Handbook.

Please find a PDF version of our Student Handbook here.

1. Student support

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AIF offers a Support PlusTM service, regardless of whether you choose to study online or face-to-face, ensuring all students have the best chance of graduating and successfully launching their career in the fitness or massage industry.We support our students through:

  • Tutorials and allocated time before and after class for those studying face-to-face to help with general questions
  • Email and phone support, and the opportunity to come on campus and spend time with a Coach for those studying online and needing further assistance

If you are struggling with the completion of your program or have any personal challenges that may affect your study, you can book a time with your course Coach to discuss your concerns.

A full list of AIF’s student support services, including academic and non-academic supports, which our students are encouraged to access at any time, is available through our Student Portal.

2. English language, literacy, numeracy and special needs

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Students must be proficient at reading, writing and speaking English to benefit from and comply with training and assessment.Further information or assistance regarding support services may be found by contacting the following organisations:

3. Flexible learning and assessment

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AIF offers a flexible study environment with On-Campus, Online, and Blended study options. Please ensure you choose the right study option to suit you on enrolment.

4. Access and equity

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AIF is committed to integrating access and equity principles within all services provided to students. We recognise the rights of students and provide information, advice and support that is consistent with our core business values and code of practice. More information can be found in the Access and Equity Policy and Procedure.

5. Academic Misconduct

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AIF has a culture of academic integrity, which is supported by its Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure.

6. Appeals procedure

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An applicant or an enrolled student may appeal any decision made by AIF about them. For further information, please see the:

7. Complaints

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If you have a concern during your time with us, and this isn’t resolved in the Student Handbook, please submit a complaint, which will be sent directly to our National Office and will be treated with confidentiality. For further information, please see the:

8. Issuing of qualifications

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AIF issues qualifications from nationally endorsed training packages, demonstrated through a formal competency based assessment process. Certificates are issued within 30 days of successful completion of all training and assessment activities, and after all course fees are paid. AIF may require the return of a certificate if it was found to be obtained dishonestly or where there was an error. For further information, please see the:

9. Skills recognition

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AIF recognises competencies you may have acquired through other training, work or life experience. If you would like to apply for recognition speak to the Careers team at your campus. Fees may apply. For further information, please see the:

10. Entry Requirement for Cert IV (Fitness) – First Aid HLTAID003

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The SIS Training Package specifies that entry into the Certificate IV Fitness qualification “…is open to individuals who hold a current first aid and CPR certificate…”There are three ways that an Australian-based AIF student may meet this requirement:

  • 1. The AIF student is enrolled in the Master Trainer 15.2 or Remedial Massage Therapist 15.2 program, and completes Provide First Aid with their class, as scheduled on the Course Outline. They are awarded HLTAID003.
  • 2. The AIF student wishes to apply for credit transfer or recognition of prior learning (RPL), as they have completed Provide First Aid with another provider and are able to present an original or certified copy of their Statement of Attainment with the Unit of Competency (UOC) HLTAID003 or HLTAID011. A representative of AIF must contact the issuing provider to verify the qualification.
  • 3. The AIF student wishes to apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL), based on their professional experiences (for e.g., a Registered Nurse or Paramedic). In this instance, the student will enter the ‘assessment only’ pathway; they must complete all the assessments for the UOC (Knowledge Checks and practical demonstrations), but are not required to attend the in-class sessions.

There are two ways for an internationally based AIF student to meet this requirement:

  • 1. The AIF student completes Provide First Aid with another Australian provider, and provides an original or certified copy of their Statement of Attainment with the UOC HLTAID003 seeking credit transfer or UOC HLTAID011 seeking recognition of prior learning (RPL). A representative of AIF must contact the issuing provider to verify the qualification.
  • 2. The AIF student completes a first aid and CPR qualification in their country of residence, and provides the original Statement of Attainment as well as a course description demonstrating that the qualification they have completed is comparable to HLTAID003. Note: this instance does not trigger either RPL or credit transfer.

11. Cooling off period

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If you change your mind, you can cancel this agreement without penalty for up to 10 business days, commencing from the first business day after the agreement was signed (cool off). After the cooling off period expires, the standard refund policy will apply.

12. Fees

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AIF offers a range of flexible payment options to suit your circumstances. For information and advice on getting started in your new career, we encourage you to enquire with our Careers team.

You can view our Schedule of VSL Tuition Fees & Related Census Days here.

You can also view our schedule of Incidental Fees, noting that these are mainly for additional items where you might want a replacement e.g. Workbook or additional items from that issued by AIF (e.g., AIF polo). For further information, please see the:

13. Tuition Assurance Scheme

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AIF will maintain a Tuition Assurance Scheme to safeguard students in the event of it becoming insolvent and unable to return fees that have been paid in advance. The Tuition Assurance Scheme will source similar training to allow the affected participants under this condition to complete their studies without further financial burden. However if the student cannot be placed, the tuition assurance will provide a refund.

14. Unique Student Identifier (USI)

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All students undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by a registered training organisation will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). For more information about the Unique Student Identifier, including how to create your own, visit

15. VET Student Loans

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A VET Student Loans (VSL) is a loan provided by the Australian Government that helps students who meet eligibility requirements and who are enrolled in approved courses to pay some or all of their tuition fees up to the VET Student Loan Cap. The Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) (RTOID: 121508) is an approved VSL Provider for the HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage

Students must meet the eligibility requirement to be approved for a VSL. Once approved, the student will owe a debt to the Australian Government for the loan amount until the debt is repaid. 

The HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage Course under VET Student Loans is set under the Cap limit of $18,097 (2024). The loan covers all materials required to complete the course, however does not cover additional costs such as secondary (or additional) textbooks, accomodation or travel expenses. You can also view our schedule of Incidental Fees above in 12. Fees.

Loan Fee

If you elect to apply for a VET Student Loan, you must be aware that you will incur a loan in addition to your course costs. This loan remains a personal debt to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) until fully repaid. You may wish to seek independent financial advice before applying.

The minimum income threshold for repayment is set by the Commonwealth each year and is published in the VET Student Loans information booklet and on Study Assist.

Centrelink benefits do not affect your eligibility or the loan amount you can access.

AIF receives the full loan amount for your VSL course directly from the Government after each Unit of Study Census Date. This is then repaid by you, via the Australian taxation system once your income reaches a certain threshold.

Before applying for a VET Student Loan you should read all relevant enrolment documents and policies and discuss any queries with your Career Guru. 

Am I eligible to apply for a VET Student Loan?

To apply for a VET Student Loan, certain criteria must be met. 

You may be eligible for a Loan if you meet one (1) of the below citizenship requirements;

  • are an Australian citizen, OR
  • hold an eligible Permanent Humanitarian Visa holder residing in Australia for the course duration, OR 
  • be a New Zealand citizen who holds a Special Category Visa (SCV subclass 444) who meets the long-term residency requirements in Australia, OR
  • you first began living in Australia at least 10 years before applying for a VET Student Loan, and at that time, were a child under 18 years of age and did not have a spouse or de-facto partner, and
  • you have been in Australia for at least eight of the 10 years immediately prior to applying and at least 18 months of the last two years.

You must also meet all of the following eligibility requirements;

  • enrol in an approved VET Student Loans course at AIF (HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage)
  • have not already exceeded your FEE-HELP balance. Your FEE-HELP balance is the maximum loan amount the Australian Government will loan you over the course of your life, for all study you undertake. For more information, please visit the Study Assist website.
  • meet course suitability requirements, as set by AIF and as per the Training Package for the qualification
  • have a Tax File Number (TFN) or be applying for one and are able to provide evidence of this
  • have a Commonwealth Higher Education Support Number (CHESSN)
  • have a Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • intend to undertake your course in Australia
  • have read the VET Student Loans Information Booklet
  • provide AIF with any requested documentation required to enrol, and submit the eCommonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) before the first Unit of Study Census Day
  • comply with ongoing engagement and progression requests, confirming you are a genuine student continuing with your studies
  • understand your course duration and important dates, such as your Census Date (Schedule of Tuition Fees for active classes can be found here). 

AIF does not determine if you are granted a VET Student Loan. The decision to grant a Loan is made by the Department, based on the information you provide. 

Academic Suitability

To enrol with AIF, you will need to meet with a Career Guru. Enquire with our friendly Careers Team about VSL here

To meet the VSL eligibility requirements, you are required to; 

  • Provide a copy of your Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12 Certificate) or a copy of a successful completion of an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate IV or higher qualification (language must be English) AND complete AIF’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test to a satisfactory level, OR
  • Complete the government approved LLN Robot test, to which you must be assessed as competent at Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) in both reading and numeracy.

How do I apply for a Loan?

To apply for a VET Student Loan, you must first ensure you meet the eligibility and academic suitability requirements listed above. 

Your enrolment will consist of two (two) components

  1. AIF Enrolment Procedure
  2. Commonwealth Assistance Form for VET Student Loan

Once you have completed Step 01 and enrolled in the VET Student Loans approved course with AIF, after two (2) business days and no sooner, AIF will advise the Department of your intention to apply for a VET Student Loan as indicated on your AIF Enrolment Form. The Department will provide you with login details (via your personal email provided in your enrolment form), where you will gain access to the eCommonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF).

  • eCAF is your official application for a VET Student Loan, and also provides the Department your contact details
  • eCAF must be submitted to the Commonwealth at least two (2) days after your enrolment with AIF and before your first Census Day. If you do not submit your eCAF before your first census day, your VET Student Loan will not be activated and your tuition fees will not be covered by the VSL program which may mean you will be liable for the tuition fees payable for that period if the correct Withdrawal Forms are not received by this time also

A census day is the final day you can apply for a VSLoan for that Unit of Study (period), and is the student’s responsibility to ensure you are aware of the Census Date and that all required paperwork is submitted.

Other Important Information

Loan Caps

  • Students will be entitled to a VET Student Loan, pending meeting all requirements, up to a capped amount as set by the Department. 
  • The maximum loan cap set by the Government for HLT52021 and listed on the VET Student Loans (Courses and Loan Caps) Determination 2016, is
    • $15,793 (2020)
    • $16,077 (2021)
    • $16,221 (2022)
    • $16,788 (2023)
    • $18,097 (2024) Current
  • If the AIF course fee exceeds the loan cap for a course, students will need to contribute the ‘Gap Fee’
  • If the AIF course fee is less than the loan cap for a course, your loan will also be less and no ‘Gap Fee’ required

What are Fee periods (Unit of Study)

  • Your course is split into three (3) fee periods (Unit of Study)
  • Each Unit of Study is approximately the same length
  • Each Unit of Study contains a ‘Census Day’ which falls approximately 20% into each Unit of Study

What are Census Days

  • Census Day is the last day students can withdraw from the applicable Unit of Study without incurring a VET Student Loan debt for that Unit.
  • Once a Census Day has passed, you are no longer eligible to withdraw, unless you meet the criteria for Special Circumstances

Schedule of Tuition Fees detailing Unit of Study and Census Days for active classes can be found here). 

What notifications will I receive?

  • VET Student Loans Statement of Covered Fees
    • When: After enrolment is complete, but prior to your first Census Day
    • What: This will confirm your enrolment acceptance, and your course tuition fees
  • VET Student Loans Fee Notice
    • When: At least 14 days before each Census Day
    • What: This will detail your course tuition fees, and confirmation of your upcoming Census Day for that applicable fee period (Unit of Study)
  • Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)
    • When: Within 28 days of the Census Day of the applicable fee period (Unit of Study)
    • What: Confirmation of your VET Student Loan Debt, including details of your loan fee and any further pertinent information.

What if your CAN is incorrect?

  • Within 14 days of the CAN issue date, you must contact AIF at [email protected] to request a CAN Review, indicating that you believe your CAN to be incorrect including evidence to support this.
  • If upon review it is determined the original CAN was incorrect, this will updated and re-issued

Student Progression

  • You must make regular progression ‘check in’s during your course, to meet the conditions of VET Student Loans. 
  • You will be required to complete ‘Progression Forms’ periodically (every 4 months) to satisfy the Government Requirements to monitor your continued enrolment and engagement. 

Withdrawing from your Course

Withdrawing before Census Day

  • You may withdraw from your course at any point before 11:59pm AEST on the census day of the applicable fee period (Unit of Study)
  • A withdrawal request must be received in writing by completing and submitting AIF’s Cancellation Request Form.
  • Your VET Student Loan will be cancelled, and any fees paid in advance for the applicable fee period (Unit of Study) will be refunded to you 

Withdrawing after Census Day

  • If you request to withdraw from your course after the census day of the applicable fee period (Unit of Study), you will incur a VET Student Loan debt for that fee period
  • If you determine that ‘Special Circumstances’ apply, you will need to apply for a Re-Credit of your VET Student Loan balance. Information about this process is found in the VSL Re-Crediting FEE-HELP Balances Procedure, available in the Student Handbook. A VSL Re-Crediting Balance request will only be accepted in writing by completing and submitting AIF’s Request to Re-Credit HELP Balance Form and within the specified time frames outlined in the Student Handbook.
  • A withdrawal request must be received in writing by completing and submitting AIF’s Cancellation Request Form.

16. Variation to Enrolment

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If you are considering varying your enrolment, please see the:

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