Coaches with a strong track record and real world experience

No rookies here! Our coaching team is made up of some of the most experienced people in the fitness and massage industry. They’ll help you gain invaluable insights on the realities of being a working fitness professional while also sharing their deep understanding of fitness, massage, nutrition as well as business.



Get started in your new career sooner

We know that starting a new career can sometimes be overwhelming. We’re here to help you take the guesswork out. At the Australian Institute of Fitness, every student is paired with a Career Advisor who’ll use their long-standing relationships in industry to help you connect with future employers and share some tricks of the trade along the way.

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Need help finding your first employer? We can help

At the Australian Institute of Fitness, all Master Trainer Program™ graduates will partake in a real-world work placement known as Trainer Experience. Each Master Trainer student will be placed in a functioning fitness business to complete a required 30 practice hours. This placement will double as an essential part of the Master Trainer curriculum as well as an opportunity for you to land your first job in the industry.

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Access to leading Australian fitness and massage employers

By earning your qualification through the Australian Institute of Fitness you’ll not only benefit from a world-class education, but you’ll also benefit from the reputation that AIF has built for itself. Over the years, we’ve partnered with thousands of fitness and massage career providers who are always eager to hire new AIF graduates.


An exclusive network designed to grow your career faster

As an Australian Institute of Fitness student, you’ll automatically receive an exclusive invite to every Fitness Industry Recruitment Expo (F.I.R.E. event) that we host throughout the year. Plus, you’ll also have exclusive access to Healthy People Fitness Recruitment site – connecting you with fitness employers around Australia.



Amenities, perks, and benefits

AIF campuses are fully equipped with free WiFi, modern gym facilities and multiple study spaces to ensure that you have everything you need to make the most of your education.

With our IGNITE learning platform, you can also study from anywhere, with an easy to use online learning space to navigate every aspect of your course and assignments.



Still have questions? Check out more FAQs here or speak with our friendly Careers Team on 1300 669 669

How old do I have to be to study at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

You must meet the age requirements for the course you intend to study. To study a SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness you must be at least 16 years old on your course commencement date. For a SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness you must be at least 17 years old on your course commencement date. To study for a career in massage with AIF, you must be at least 18 years old on your course commencement date.

How fit do I have to be to study at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

People from all sorts of backgrounds and fitness levels can and have studied with AIF. Throughout the course, you will gain the skills and knowledge to improve your own health and fitness if you wish to, so don’t let your current fitness levels hold you back from the career you’ve always wanted.

What are the entry requirements at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

Each student must meet our acceptance criteria and age requirements before studying with AIF. The AIF acceptance criteria assesses the skills and values of each and every student, such as punctuality and attitude, ensuring we are bringing the best people into the industry. We also verify you have the tools required to succeed, necessary written and verbal communication skills, and are committed to your goal.

How much does it cost to study at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

Tuition cost varies depending on course, study modality and applicable scholarships. We have multiple payment options available, which our Careers Team will discuss to find the option that suits you.

Why should I get qualified as a Personal Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best! AIF is recognised in the industry for having trained many of Australia’s top fitness professionals. A pioneer in both face-to-face and online fitness education, we provide the tools and facilities to complete your studies with confidence, including our exclusive Support PlusTM program from our incredible Coaches who there to assist. With our unrivalled network of Career Partners, AIF can help you turn your passion into a career by positioning you front and centre, with the best industry connections.

What modes of study are available at the Australian Institute of Fitness?
Choose from virtual or online study for our fitness courses. Our massage courses are offered on campus only due to the high practicality of the learning material.
Are the Australian Institute of Fitness courses practical?

At AIF, we know that being a PT is a hands-on role, so our courses are designed to reflect this. Our students film their assessments with real-life clients, and gain practical gym experience from wherever they are located. We also run gym-based Masterclass workshops for those who can make it, giving plenty of opportunities to gain practical experience

How long does it take to become a Personal Trainer?

If you choose to study virtually, you can complete our Master Trainer Program in 11 months. Our online, self-guided modality is completed in 14 months. If you already have attained a qualification, such as SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness, this may adjust your study duration. Chat to our friendly Careers Team to see what option is best for you.

How long does it take to become a Massage Therapist?

The HLT42015 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy is completed in 22 weeks, and the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage is completed in 42 weeks.

What kind of career guidance and support will I be offered as a student at AIF?

Before you enrol, our Careers Team will provide you with industry expertise and guidance to help choose the path that suits you. In your success planning session, your Career Advisor will work with you to create a plan that aligns with your goals, including selecting the right course and modality for you. We will also discuss the potential career opportunities in your area of interest. Once you are studying with AIF, you will be exposed to presentations from industry professionals, business owners and managers, that provide valuable information and advice about a wide range of fitness career options. This support will help you to become successful in the fitness industry.

Does AIF help you get a job once you have completed your course?

With AIF, you’ll receive the support you need to position yourself for success in the fitness industry. We ensure our students have the most up-to-date and relevant information regarding fitness industry roles and connect you with job opportunities with our many Career Partners. You’ll also have access to regular industry presentations and our famous F.I.R.E (Fitness Industry Recruitment Expos) where you can meet key industry employers and secure a job or trainer experience placement.

What makes our online option superior to other online learning?

For us, experience is everything. That’s why our students regularly score our course experience at over 9 out of 10. Our unique learning platform allows you to study in your own space, at your own pace. With access to virtual classrooms and interactive webinars, you’ll have the best tools and knowledge to succeed as a fitness professional. That’s why our online course boasts a graduation rate almost 4 times higher than the industry average.

Can I defer or take some time off from my studies?

Throughout your studies, we endeavour to provide all the support you need should you encounter any bumps along the way, without needing to defer your studies. However, we understand that circumstances can change quickly, so we have deferment options available. Please chat directly with your Career Advisor or Coach should you wish to explore this.

Who is going to be coaching me and what experience do they have?

When we ask our students what they love most about their experience at the AIF, our Coaches continually rank as a standout feature of the course. We believe this is one of the reasons our students regularly score our course experience at over 9 out of 10. Our highly qualified team of Coaches bring passion and commitment to their teaching, ensuring all areas of learning are delivered in a fun and engaging way. They have many years experience working with a huge range of personal training clients, from elite sportspeople to those new to fitness, and many also present at fitness conventions and write for reputable fitness resources. Check out our coach profiles here to find out more about our coaching team!


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