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Body Science International Pty Ltd

What makes a Brand so special that people even go so far as to talk about the “Body Science” difference?

The history of our company is certainly a major factor. It is a combination of major success in elite sport since 2002 and sports nutrition that is suitable for everyday enthusiasts to use worldwide. It is not something that only exists within our walls – it is very much alive.

Having evolved to provide a suite of performance-based products and services, the BSc range includes health, fitness and lifestyle sports nutrition, and specialist sports compression, and sportswear we all love to wear. Our key brands are Ultra, Clean, Sport and Convenience.

By 2020 Body Science has had a focus on both performance and on social responsibility for over two decades, supporting grass roots sport, disabled athletes and charities.

Established in 1999 and privately owned by two Australian families. Body Science is proud to employ our BSc Fam who create, make, distribute, sell, manage and support the BSc story in Australia and around the world.

We help people feel great. Creating trusted, quality products for your everyday physical and mental performance.

Body Science International Pty Ltd

Body Science

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