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Functional Training Institute

The Functional Training Institute (FTI) are a movement based education company focusing on Functional training and Movement restoration based training methodologies Started in Sydney in 2009 by Tarek Michael Chouja and Daniel Henderson, FTI have become a global brand servicing over 15 countries world wide.
Known for innovating the fitness industry with the first accredited kettlebell and battling ropes courses, FTI have evolved their movement based concepts to formulate a system around functional training called the Adaptive Functional Training systems (Adaptive FTS).
The Adaptive FTS is a methodology that is taught in the Master Functional Trainer program

Another of FTI’s ground breaking programs is the Movement Restoration Coach. The MRC fuses the best of the functional with that of the Rehab trainer protocols.

FTI have worked with some of the best movement specialists globally, acquiring a cutting edge in movement education that fuses practically derived knowledge with an evidence based approach.

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Functional Training Institute