Jess Storey

NSW Coach

Little pocket rocket Jess is one of our full-time coaches for Newcastle and Sydney Campuses. As one of the few female coaches and youngest in her field, she has already left a mark and own flare within the fitness industry.

Being a former Warrior at AIF, and now undertaking her Masters in Exercise Physiology; already upholding an accredited Exercise and Sport Science Degree. She places her passion of movement through her own business, Additional to a Pilates reformer, PT and Dance coaching. Beware; her enthusiastic personality is known to her clients and Warriors as the “The Smiley Assassin”.

Jess has been within the industry for 7 years, working with A- league Central coast sporting teams, Local clubs, franchise and small boutique fitness facilities. Her expertise is within the sports rehabilitation sector, working with many Dancers and Gymnast.

She hopes to bring guidance, individualism and courage to succeed in the industry, and break the social construct that if passion is shown then success will follow, irrelevant of status.


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
  • Undergoing Masters In Physiology
  • Cert III & IV Fitness/ Personal Trainer
  • Pilates Reformer Certified Instructor
  • Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach
  • TAE1080- Cert IV: Teaching & Assessor

Tip for AIF students

KEEP LEARNING! – The growth of the industry is ever-evolving, so should your knowledge!

BE YOURSELF! – I encourage Warriors to learn from fitness professionals and mentors but don’t replicate. Be unconditionally you and rapport with clientele will grow.

HAVE BALANCE! – The fitness industry is booming, and so will your excitement, leading into your career. Be mindful of burn out and not biting more than you can chew. Prioritise downtime, schedule timetable to fit your lifestyle. Have balance between work and play.


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