Submitting a Complaint

A complaint may result from any concern about an act or behaviour that someone perceives to be unfair, discriminatory, or unjustified. It can be any decision, situation, omission, or problem related to work or education environment that a person feels to be unfair. If you have a concern about any part of the services provided to you including from any third party such as our employers associated with your training course or even another student, please read  AIF’s Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure, located in your Student Handbook and on this website.

An AIF Warrior who believes that they have been treated unfairly or have a complaint, are instructed to firstly speak to their Coach. Where a resolution cannot be reached, they are instructed to discuss the difficulty with the relevant Training Team Leader. Where the complaint is more serious or is not able to be resolved through such informal means, the Warrior is directed to make a formal complaint by completing the form below.

Any other person who also feels aggrieved about our services, is also encouraged to complete and lodge the form below.

Simply complete the form below, click send and a copy will be sent to our National Office.

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