The Fitness Zone

Kayla Itsines

12.5 M

Kayla began her fitness journey in 2008 with the Master Trainer Program™ at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Since then, she has catapulted herself into worldwide fame as a personal trainer and was named by TIME Magazine in 2016 and 2018 as one of the ‘30 Most Influential People on the Internet’.

Kayla created an incredibly popular series of workout ebooks known as ‘Bikini Body Guides',founded the meal-planning and workout app, ‘Sweat’ and continues to help her community of over 10 million women around the world achieve their health and fitness goals.

Nick Cheadle


Nick went straight from high school to studying at the Australian Institute of Fitness, where he gained his Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness.

After 10 successful years in the industry, Nick has amassed a huge 841,000 followers on Instagram with his following constantly on the rise thanks to his creative workout videos and educational content.

As the Co-owner of Paragon Strength and Performance gym in New South Wales, and creator of his ‘My Physique’ online coaching program, he has been able to change the lives of men and women all around the world.

Emily Skye


Emily Skye is a fitness model and health and fitness influencer showing women of all ages and body types how to trim, tone and shape their entire body, under her brand ‘Emily Skye FIT’. She graduated as a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness on her road to fitness success.

Emily describes her brand as a culmination of years of hard work, self-discovery and finally realising that the best thing you can be is strong and happy.

Her workouts can be done in or out of the gym, and she has special meal plans for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free and lactose-free clients. Emily also provides motivational and mindset videos and emails, and has influenced millions of people around the world with her work.

Jenna Louise


Jenna is a Master Trainer and Nutrition Coach from the Australian Institute of Fitness, athlete, model, YouTuber, author and founder of the Jenna Louise Brand. Through her brand and social media presence, Jenna aims to help people find ways to challenge themselves daily to help boost their physical & mental health, confidence, well-being, self-worth, knowledge and values.

Jenna has created many workout plans and nutrition guides and has built a thriving fitness community out of her ‘JL Elite’ program. She has been on a multitude of fitness magazine covers as well as appearing on Season 1 & 2 of Channel Nine’s ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’ and as a guest on The Today Show.

Jenna’s social media content is incredibly engaging. She is often challenging her audience to attempt her ‘Move of The Week’; a creative yet difficult functional exercise that she posts a video of herself completing. She speaks openly and honestly about her mindset and has a really strong connection with her audience.

Blake Worrall-Thompson


Performance and lifestyle coach Blake Worrall-Thompson is an Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer Graduate and one of the most sought after coaches in Australia.

Blake has owned and operated a number of fitness businesses (his most successful creation being the ‘6w2s’ programs – 6 weeks to sexy & 6 weeks to shredded) and is now known more for his innovative and transformational coaching.

Blake has been behind the transformation of celebrities such as Lara Bingle, Sam Frost and Nat„alie Bassingthwaighte just to name a few.

Regularly featured in the media and a regular in publications including, Women’s weekly, CLEO, Cosmo and Women’s fitness  -

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Tanya Poppett


Tanya Poppet is an Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer Graduate, creator of ‘Train With Tanya’ and a trainer for Adidas and Active Escapes.

Tanya is best known for her at-home workouts which she posts across Instagram, motivating people all around the world to get moving with little to no equipment required.

Whilst pregnant, Tanya continued to post pregnancy-friendly workout videos and has been documenting her post-natal journey as a new mum, getting back to her peak fitness level, which is incredibly inspiring and motivational to watch.

She has been featured in many publications such as Women’s health, Run Magazine and The Courier to name a few.

Katie Williams


Katie Williams is a former Australian Beach Sprinter with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science along with a Master Trainer Program™ certification from the Australian Institute of Fitness.

These days, Katie is a trainer, presenter and fitness model with a successful podcast titled ‘Better For It’ produced by Podcast One.

In 2017, Katie came up with a ‘5km every day’ challenge in which she challenged her social media community to walk, swim, cycle or run 5km every day to encourage everyone to move more. In 2020, her challenge lives on, and she continues to impact many people’s lives with such a simple movement.

Dasha Giavoronski


Dasha Giavoronski is an Australian Institute of Fitness Graduate, trainer on a popular personal training app called Fitplan and creator of her own meal plans and training programs titled ‘Dashbody'.

Dasha’s fitness journey did not happen overnight; after giving birth to her son, she struggled with her health and made a huge move from Russia to Australia. Over this period she tried every training approach possible, to find one that worked for her. With no success, she started designing her own workouts and experienced a significant improvement in her body, mindset and energy-levels. She became passionate about health and fitness and decided to get qualified as a Personal Trainer.

Dasha’s social following grew tremendously after her appearance on The Bachelor Australia in 2018 and she now boasts a following of over 360,000 on Instagram.

Tim Robards


Tim Robards is a man of many trades; actor, chiropractor, model, author, television personality and personal trainer. He was cast in the first season of The Bachelor Australia, and since then has appeared on Neighbours, Dancing with the stars, Australian Ninja Warrior and I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

After graduating from Australian Institute of Fitness in 2016 as a qualified Master Trainer, Tim went on to found The Robards Method; a training and nutritional program designed to help people move right, eat smart and think better.

He uses his platform to inspire and motivate as well as share a glimpse into his everyday life with wife, Anna Heinrich.

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