Tony Logan-Stevens

Trainer and Assessor

I have been working solidly in the Remedial Massage Industry for over 20 years, and my achievements so far include: opening my own clinic in January 2007 and managing to grow a thriving suburban Health Care Practice, Volunteering at the GC2018 Commonwealth Games and the 2019 INAS Global Games, and Working with a World Class World Champion Endurance Triathlete as part of his personal support crew.

I am so excited to be teaching the Remedial Massage Diploma because I am passionate about helping to develop the next generation of Remedial Therapists. I trained at a time where there was much focus on holistic care, with attention to the connection and inter-dependency across the Mind, Body & Spirit. My initial training covered Clinical Orthopaedic Testing but also encompassed the ‘Whole Person’ in treatment attitudes, and I want to take that philosophy – blend it with my experiences from the last 20+ years – and share that with students to help them become all they can be in this great industry.

The ‘Key to Success’ is Positivity … Negativity is destructive.


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