Precision Health Alliance (PHA) are the leading education and technology providers in personalized health for health and fitness coaches, allied health and medical professionals who are looking for a more individualized and complete answer to their client’s health and fitness goals.

A Global Collective of health/fitness, allied and medical professionals who share the common mission of providing personalized healthcare for optimal client results! PHA Health Professionals deliver personalized nutrition, exercise & lifestyle recommendations to clients, through world-leading technology & education with accessibility and affordability.

PHA Course

PHA Level 1

Deliver truly personalized nutrition, exercise & lifestyle programs to every client with accessibility and affordability, online or face to face.

The PHA Level 1 course has been designed to help fitness professionals take their client results to the next level by truly understanding the person in front of them.

Using the latest principles in epigenetics and personalized health coaching and combining them with leading assessment technology, this coaching course allows fitness professionals to understand how to personalize exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programs for different people and be able to motivate, support and communicate in a way that meets the unique needs of each person.

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More about PHA Level 1
The PHA Level 1 Course is a combination of self-paced study and live interactive workshops, broken down over 3-phases of experiential learning, learn how to use Precision Health Technology in your business and apply the latest research in practice.

Course Outcomes: 

  • Identify the different sciences involved in the influence of a person’s unique development (including the links between anthropometry, embryology, endocrinology and genetics)
  • Understand how lifestyle and environmental factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress affect gene expression differently in different people.
  • Learn how to assess a client’s individual phenotype using non-invasive assessment technology
  • Provide personalized lifestyle interventions in exercise, nutrition and other important lifestyle factors as part of a precision health program
  • Apply personalized behaviour change models through foundational learning in behavioural genetics and neuropsychology to better communicate, motivate and support your clients
  • Use Precision Health Technology in your business. Learn how to insert the assessment, precision health app and health coaching technology into your services to increase your impact.
  • Collaborate within the PHA Health Professional Network. Join a community of trained medical doctors, allied health professionals, health coaches and fitness professionals to expand your professional and referral network for greater client-centered care.