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A look into AIF’s Ongoing Massage Education Partnership with Advanced Clinical Education

Nov 17, 2022 | by AIF

A year into partnership, The Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) and Advanced Clinical Education (ACE) have provided many new and budding massage therapists with upskilling opportunities to ensure they enter industry with their best foot forward.

Forged in 2021, the partnership between AIF and ACE has seen many students and graduates complete ACE courses, upskilling in various techniques and practices. As a massage therapist, staying up to date with industry trends and developments as well as broadening your scope and abilities is hugely beneficial. The partnership with ACE for AIF meant accessible and high-quality education could be at their student’s fingertips; a no-brainer.

From every class graduating with a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy (RMT), there are two students chosen as ‘standouts’ in the class. The first is the Healer, chosen by the coaches and the second is the ‘guardian’, chosen by their peers. ACE provides an additional award to these students; an extra incentive for them to put their ‘all’ into their studies. For the Healer, this comes in the form of a free ACE course of their choice and for the Guardian, this is a $500 voucher. 

When asked about the partnership, AIF’s Massage Program Coordinator, Chris apps commented; “Upskilling and professional growth is essential for all health and fitness professionals, including remedial massage therapists. Our massage programs provide graduate Warriors with up-to-date qualifications and real-world experience to hit the ground running in the industry. Advanced Clinical Education (ACE) provides our current and graduate Warriors with fantastic professional development opportunities to ensure they can take their qualifications and experience to new and exciting levels. Our partnership with ACE sets our Warriors up for success and long-term growth, allowing them to create a positive and long-lasting impact in the industry and community.”

ACE’s founder and director Shaun Brewster added; “The partnership between ACE and the AIF provides graduates with a springboard to position themselves at the forefront of the massage industry with evidence-based, cutting-edge practical skills and knowledge. You have to learn from the best to be the best, and we are supporting AIF graduates to do just that”. 

With a successful year behind them, AIF and ACE look forward to many more years in partnership and the ways in which this collaboration will continue to positively impact the careers of AIF massage professionals and the industry as a whole. 



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