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AIF Announces Industry Partnership with BodyScience

Aug 21, 2020 | by Jessica Bryant

Australia’s most established fitness training organisation partners with Australia’s leading supplement supplier.

Stemming from a necessity for the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) students and graduates to have greater access to premium supplements throughout their career in the fitness industry; the partnership between BodyScience and AIF was born. 

Evolving from an existing association between the two companies, the new partnership will build on the success of a recent campaign to assist fitness students and professionals during the whirlwind of 2020 by providing expert education, content (via blogs, articles, eBooks, podcasts, industry experts) and product discounts, on therapeutic thermogenics to whey and plant-based proteins, tablets, and essential vitamins.

“AIF is the grassroots provider that many students enrol with to start their fitness career, with the vision to one day be a Master Trainer. They want to change people’s lives and change the industry for the better. I’m passionate about seeing a new generation of new people coming into the fitness industry with new visions, new insights, new desires and changing what has been a really good industry to me personally.” says Greg Young, the founder of BodyScience. 

For over 21 years BodyScience has boasted “official supply” status to the best athletes in Australia. BodyScience strives to give athletes the confidence and accessibility to choose supplements that have undergone rigorous testing to achieve HASTA certification, ensuring they are free from contamination. The quality and purity of the ingredients used by BodyScience have seen it win multiple awards for its product development.

In addition to health, fitness and lifestyle sports nutrition, BodyScience also produces a range of specialist sports compression and sportswear worn by their elite athletes and teams. 

For those training to become qualified fitness professionals with the AIF, this move will enable them to access ongoing education and savings on BodyScience products, through a VIP affiliate program, accessible to AIF graduates too. 

As a leader in its field, with an enviable reputation for both quality and integrity, when it came to establishing a partner in the supplement space, BodyScience was seen as a natural fit for AIF, itself a highly respected pioneer in the fitness industry. 

Discussing the partnership, Kim Horner, Head of Operations at AIF, said “We know that many of our students and graduates include supplements in their own training programs, so we are very pleased to be able to facilitate this through partnering with a company known for producing incredibly high-quality products here in Australia. Media stories regarding high profile athletes inadvertently using tainted products have heightened awareness of the need to obtain supplements from only the most trusted sources. BodyScience is such a source, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.” 

For more information on our new industry partner, check out their website here.  

Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant

Communications & Marketing Manager

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