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AIF Announces Industry Partnership with GYYMI

Nov 11, 2020 | by AIF

Australia’s leading fitness training organisation, the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), has partnered with a powerful smartphone app, GYYMI. 

Built specifically for the Fitness Industry, GYYMI is an Australian innovation that helps you run your business and make life as a fitness professional easier. The unique smartphone app functions as a booking platform and fitness management system, working to connect personal trainers to flexible and affordable gym space; expanding career opportunities and providing a long-awaited alternative to the traditional PT/Gym rental model as a result. 

GYYMI’s “pay per session” gym rental model and supporting payment and scheduling processes will empower personal trainers (especially those starting out in the industry) to achieve their business goals and maximise their income while alleviating the usual pressure associated with lock-in PT contracts. This “pay per session” model also allows the opportunity for part-time work or training clients in a ‘side hustle’ capacity; expanding the career options for personal trainers.

The AIF pride themselves on preparing their Warriors for whatever is to come their way in the fitness industry. One such way they do this is through providing an opportunity to gain real-life industry experience through their Trainer Experience process. Historically AIF have used a hard copy logbook to document the hours that their Warriors complete; however, through this exciting new partnership with GYYMI, they will be able to provide a completely digital version of the Trainer Experience portal. 

This partnership opens up countless opportunities for AIF Warriors to connect with real personal trainers at the click of a button, simplifying the connection process whilst ensuring that their Warriors maximise their time. In addition, they are able to use this app once graduated to find gyms, parks and recreational areas to book and train their clients in. 

Announcing the new partnership, Kim Horner, Head of Operations at AIF, said “The landscape of Personal Training is about to change forever, thanks to ground-breaking innovations from companies like GYYMI. The AIF is proud to partner with GYYMI to provide our graduates with hands-on experience utilising an app that we’re confident will change the Personal Training industry as we know it.”

Kim Henshaw, CEO and Co Founder at Gyymi said “GYYMI is excited to be partnering with the AIF integrating digital technology solutions within their Master Personal Trainer course. The GYYMI Experience Portal connects PT students with gyms and tracks their practical hours as well as offering existing PT’s with the opportunity to upskill through AIF courses, while the GYYMI App offers Personal Trainers access to a nationwide network of gyms and fitness studios, with gym-rental by the hour. GYYMI automates client management, payment processing and tax obligations giving Personal Trainers more time to focus on their clients.

It is our desire that with the AIF we can support the objectives of thousands of Personal Trainers in their quest for commercial success.”

GYYMI is the best personal assistant for your gym or training business. Want to learn more?

Visit their website here. 



The Australian Institute of Fitness
The Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) is the largest and longest established fitness training organisation in Australia, with dynamic training methods and expert course coaches nationwide - spanning fitness, massage and nutrition. The AIF qualifies more fitness professionals than any other provider in Australia, as well as offering a broad range of continuing education courses (CEC), upskilling resources and partnership programs for existing industry.

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