AIF Announces Industry Partnership with KIXXFIT

Nov 30, 2020 | by AIF

Australia’s leading fitness training organisation, the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), has partnered with KIXXFIT, a platform designed to help fitness professionals grow their online health and fitness community and monetise their products and services.

KIXXFIT is an online platform that seamlessly connects fitness professionals (‘coaches’) and fitness consumer members (‘KIXXFITers’) through a vast range of online classes and programs. Members can access a great variety of digital health and fitness services from high quality coaches in the one place. As a coach you can upload your health and fitness content and services, reaching thousands of potential clients. Through the upgraded version of the platform, coaches receive marketing boosts through KIXXFIT channels, access educational events to help them grow their business, and build an online community of fitness-focused clients and prospects, with unlimited support every step of the way.

Creating an exceptional online experience that goes above and beyond video calling clients has never been more important for fitness professionals. Some sectors of the health and fitness industry have been incorporating elements of online delivery for several years, but since the temporary closures of gyms, studios and other fitness businesses in 2020, online delivery has become the norm for both coaches and their clients.

The partnership with KIXXFIT provides AIF graduates with the opportunity to increase their earning potential by expanding their reach beyond their local vicinity into the limitless online community. KIXXFIT coaches can easily sell their sessions, programs, e-books and online events through their own Shops, at a price they set, with up to 90% of the advertised costs going straight to the coach (10% will cover KIXXFIT costs). AIF Warriors will also benefit from a discounted rate of subscription to the paid version of the KIXXFIT platform.

Announcing the new partnership, Kim Horner, Head of Operations at AIF, said “KIXXFIT gives our graduates the ability to instantly connect with not only their existing clients, but thousands of potential new ones from anywhere in the world. What’s more, it also educates them on how to more effectively build mutually beneficial relationships with these prospective clients. We look forward to seeing our graduates harness the power of KIXXFIT to expand their opportunities in the fitness industry and increase their earning potential.”

Lorena Sumich, KIXXFIT’s CEO and Co Founder said “KIXXFIT is thrilled to be partnering with the Australian Institute of Fitness to help its Warriors be the best they can be and build their best career and business. The AIF is continually raising the bar for fitness education. It’s graduates are not only the best of the best, but are also ambitious and entrepreneurial, making them exactly the kind of coaches who can benefit most from KIXXFIT.”

AIF graduates can click HERE to sign up as a KIXXFIT Coach for only $1 for the first 90 days, using the promo code ‘AIFCOACH20’. Coaches can set up their online service in just a few minutes to unlock new growth and business potential with KIXXFIT.



The Australian Institute of Fitness
The Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) is the largest and longest established fitness training organisation in Australia, with dynamic training methods and expert course coaches nationwide - spanning fitness, massage and nutrition. The AIF qualifies more fitness professionals than any other provider in Australia, as well as offering a broad range of continuing education courses (CEC), upskilling resources and partnership programs for existing industry.

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Disclaimer: Where Certificate III in Fitness, Cert III/Cert 3, or Fitness Coach is mentioned, it refers to SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness. Where Certificate IV in Fitness, Cert IV/Cert 4, or Personal Trainer is mentioned, it refers to SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness. Where Master Trainer Program™ is mentioned, it refers to Fitness Essentials and SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness. Where Master Trainer Plus+ Program™ is mentioned, it refers to SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness and SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness. Where Certificate IV in Massage or Cert IV/Cert 4 is mentioned, it refers to HLT42021 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. Where Diploma of Remedial Massage is mentioned, it refers to HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage.

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