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AIF Announces New Industry Partnership with ph360

Oct 06, 2020 | by Jessica Bryant

Australia’s leading fitness professional training organisation, the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), has partnered with epigenetics-based lifestyle program ph360 to enable its new fitness professionals to further set themselves apart in the personal training market.

The ph360 program uses scientifically-proven methods to give individuals customised, simple and practical insights that enhance health and happiness. Personal trainers are perfectly placed to deliver this service to clients, helping them to achieve more than they thought possible through truly bespoke, genetics-informed training and lifestyle guidance.

ph360’s Mastery Series provides personal trainers with the professional development and technology to non-invasively assess and understand each client’s unique genetic ‘phenotype’. This information allows the trainer to provide personalised nutrition, exercise and mindset support via an interactive artificial intelligence platform.

The partnership with ph360 fits the AIF’s ongoing strategy of actively aligning with businesses that can provide industry-leading ongoing education to its graduates. With a number of AIF Coaches and team members having personal experience with the proven techniques deliverable through ph360, the partnership was a natural development.

Announcing the partnership, Kim Horner, Head of Operations at AIF, said “The AIF has always been at the forefront of the personal training industry, teaching new trainers the skills they need to transform clients’ lives. By partnering with ph360 we can help our graduates equip themselves with the know-how to create client programs that are unparalleled in terms of their personalisation, and to thereby maximise the impact of the training skills they have learnt during their studies with the AIF.”

Discussing the partnership, Kyle Riley, ph360’s COO said “The team at ph360 are extremely excited to announce our partnership with the Australian Institute of Fitness. We believe that fitness professionals armed with the right knowledge and support base are vital in the fight against preventable lifestyle diseases, a mission we commonly share. Institute Friends completing the Master Trainer program now have the ability to upskill in the exciting field of personalised health through the ph360 Mastery Series program. This program provides leading research and assessment technology to deliver truly personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle support for each client based on their unique biology. 

Institute Friends and Warriors will also be invited to join a referral network of other PT’s, Allied Health and Medical Professionals to ensure that fitness professionals of all backgrounds can have the support they need to lead from the front and make a real impact on the lives of the clients they work with.

We truly believe the incredible education and support provided by both is a winning combination in future-proofing fitness professionals and setting them up for success in an ever-evolving industry.”

The partnership will allow those training to become qualified fitness professionals with the AIF, as well as graduates, members and staff to save up to 60% off RRP for the ph360 Mastery Series Program.

For more information on the course components of ph360’s Mastery Series for fitness professionals, you can visit the website here.

To listen to Kyle Riley from ph360 discuss matching your client’s training to their genes, click here to listen to his chat with The Fitness Industry Podcast.

Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant

Communications & Marketing Manager

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