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AIF Partners with Playsport to Increase Graduates’ Career Opportunities

Oct 20, 2020 | by Jessica Bryant

Australia’s leading fitness professional training organisation, the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), has announced a new partnership with innovative online marketplace of sporting and other physical activity experiences, PlaySport.

PlaySport’s mission is to get more Australians active by making it easier for them to discover, organise, book and get involved in physical activity, anywhere in Australia.

Offering a convenient way for consumers to search for fitness and sports-based activities, PlaySport’s website serves as a valuable resource to fitness professionals looking to grow their businesses. By providing personal trainers, coaches, group fitness and mind-body instructors with the opportunity to list their services, PlaySport enables these professionals to market themselves to a wider audience of consumers who are actively looking to try new physical activity experiences. 

The AIF has entered into the partnership in order to further enhance career prospects for its graduates as they immerse themselves in the fitness industry. With a range of dedicated fitness-related categories, PlaySport’s searchable ‘one-stop-shop’ can be used to list packs of PT sessions, HIIT classes, small group training packages and any other service that today’s fitness professionals deliver. Functioning like their own online storefront, PT’s on Playsport can showcase their offerings along with any upcoming events or bootcamps they may be running, as well as their contact details and pricing.

By making their services more easily discoverable on PlaySport, personal trainers can connect with those new to fitness who may then, in turn, go on to become regular clients or class participants. The ‘near me’ function allows people to search for fitness/sporting experiences in their local area, so exploring all of the local options has never been easier.

PlaySport features over 300 different categories of activities, including dedicated pages for a wide range of specific fitness options, including Personal Training, Weightlifting, Crossfit, Bootcamp, Pilates, Yoga, Boxing, Running, Parkour, Walking, Spin, Sport Aerobics and Pole Dancing. The site also has ‘Playlists’ which suggest a range of pursuits for those who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for but are open to inspiration.

The partnership with PlaySport aligns with the AIF’s strategy of proactively joining forces with businesses that are well positioned to benefit its graduating fitness professional students. The policy is just another way in which the AIF both sets its graduates apart in the personal training market, and further distinguishes itself in the field of fitness training providers.

The AIF’s Head of Operations, Kim Horner, announced the partnership, saying “The AIF has always worked hard to not only deliver outstanding training and education to the new generation of fitness professionals but to also equip them with the means to launch themselves successfully into the fitness industry. By partnering with PlaySport we are adding yet another opportunity for our Warriors to increase their exposure to prospective clients and work with more Australians to improve their health, fitness and overall wellbeing. PlaySport’s mission of getting more Australians active corresponds perfectly with the AIF’s mission to wage war against sedentary lifestyles.”

PlaySport’s CEO, Jack Mansfield, said “PlaySport is proud to be partnering with AIF. As the fitness industry’s leading educator, AIF’s graduating students will be able to now promote their fitness business and exciting new programs for free on PlaySport, Australia’s largest sports and fitness directory. Both our organisations are working together to build a healthier and more active Australia and we can now expand this by connecting people to quality, suitable and accessible physical activities.”

For more information on PlaySport,  visit the website here

Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant

Communications & Marketing Manager

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