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Do you dream of owning a fitness business?
July 28, 2011 | by AIF Communications Team

The Australian Institute of Fitness has launched Fitness Business, a program developed in response to feedback from industry employers. The Institute's National Training Team Captain Vicki Tuchtan gives you information about the course designed for anyone who wants to own or manage a personal training business, studio, gym, or franchise.

Fitness Business is the first complete program in Australia to combine fitness and business qualifications in one. Graduates will now be able to walk away with skills in sales and marketing, budgeting and financial management, human resources, leadership and strategic planning.

The program was developed in response to feedback from industry employers who were seeking trainers to manage teams of fitness or sales professionals, but there is also a growing demand by people to be their own boss and start their own fitness business.

The Institute conducted extensive consultation with the industry to determine the best skills and knowledge that employers were seeking in a fitness business graduate. We then contracted the best in the business the likes of Justin Tamsett for marketing and Amanda Bracks for sales to design and develop the five modules that make up the program: Marketing, Fitness Sales, Business Planning and Development, Business Finance, and People Management.

Key industry stakeholders were provided with an overview of the program prior to release, and when asked if they thought the program will fulfil a need in the fitness industry, there were answers such as the industry has been crying out for business and management courses specific to the industry for years and I believe the more people that complete this course, the stronger and more viable the fitness industry will be.

Enrolling in the Institute's Fitness Business program is a must as it will get you a head start in running your own business or franchise, and put you in front of the pack in a competitive employment market.

The program is delivered flexibly online through the Institute's eCampus, and includes optional face-to-face workshops. For more information, visit


This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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