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Biggest Loser Success and Master Trainer Alison Braun Shares Her Epic Transformation Story

Nov 16, 2015 | by AIF

“I think all success comes from empowering yourself with knowledge”, says former Biggest Loser Australia contestant and Australian Institute of Fitness graduate Alison Braun, “the more you understand your body the higher your success will be.”

Alison was named runner-up in the third season of The Biggest Loser Australia, having shed 55.2kgs on-screen. Her real success came when she stepped off the show and continued to grow fitter and healthier, ensuring she maintained the changes made to her lifestyle as well as her body.

“I had to make a conscious effort to change many aspects of my life, otherwise if I stepped back to the same life I would go back to the old me,” Alison says.

And change she did! In 2011 Alison enrolled and completed her Personal Training course at AIF. Alison says that seeking further education on health and fitness was significant to her own journey, empowering her to understand the principles of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The real secret behind her success after the show though? Alison says it’s all about and self-belief.

“A person isn’t ‘that type of person,'” Alison says “that person is just like you, no stronger, no more disciplined, no more motivated than you – she just makes different choices, she chooses healthy food she chooses to wake up a little earlier.”

Mental change is clearly key when it comes to a successful transformation, and Alison has found the motivation to persevere through focusing on the health benefits of healthy eating and exercise, rather than just the aesthetic.

“I don’t do any of this to stay ‘skinny,’ she confesses, “I train to stay strong, I eat well to stay healthy…everything else just then falls into place.”

Alison returns to the TBL house tonight to inspire the remaining family members as the competition draws to a close.

Images from @AlisonJBraun on Instagram.



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