Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

Gympact is an iPhone/Android app that helps motivate people to train by rewarding them with cash! Josh Pullman Fitness Coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness WA finds out how it works.

Gympact was built by two Harvard university students, and based on the premise that people are motivated more by pain than they are by pleasure.

After signing up, you ‘pledge’ to do a certain number of workouts in the forthcoming week. If you do them, you get paid. If you don’t do them, you get charged money from your account (via your credit card or Paypal)!

The default three days a week will earn you $1.50 a week if you fulfill your pledge, and rewards range from $0.50 to $0.75 per workout. The default cost of missing a workout is $10. Workouts must be a minimum of 30 minutes, and are validated using accountability tools such as GPS check in to the gym via your smartphone, the accelerometer in your phone and the ‘Runkeeper GPS’ system to log your runs, walks and rides. The amount you get paid is dictated by how many other ‘Gympacters’ (other people who have joined the Gympact community) are not accountable to their goals.


  • Motivational psychology 101 avoid the carrot, chase the stick!
  • Fantastic secondary motivator website claims 95% compliance in users that download the app.


  • Motivation is extrinsic it’s not sustainable as a primary reason to exercise.
  • Potential for exploitation clocking in at a gym doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working out, and the accelerometer can be easily duped as well. A small minority may look to cut corners.

Best suited to:

  • Gym-goers it’s great for developing consistency in who may otherwise struggle after the ‘honeymoon’ phase of a fitness regime.
  • PT’s who could use it as an accountability system to help encourage clients to complete homework programs.
  • Fitness enthusiasts people who have established solid workout habits, and are looking for a neat, innovative way to stick to the plan, 100% of the time will love this app!


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