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How To Boost Your Personal Training Business

Dec 21, 2016 | by AIF

In this rapidly growing industry, it can be tricky to stand out amongst the crowd, and as we head into the busiest time of year for most personal trainers and gyms, NOW is when you really need to up your A-game. So, how do you become different from all of the other trainers you ask? By becoming a multi skilled personal trainer, and Tara Cabassi, Massage Coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness, WA, is here to share with you FIVE ways becoming a Massage Therapist can give your PT business the boost that it needs.

#1 Give Yourself Two Streams Of Income

By adding another skill set or qualification to your resume, you give open up opportunities to cater to a broader range of clients, and as a result you don’t just have to rely on the income you make from just your PT clients, to make a living. Massage is a great qualification to invest in as you can market to  people within the gym who have injuries or muscle pain, and you can work with them outside of gym hours.

#2 Becoming A Massage Therapist Will Aid Your Clients Education

By becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist, you will further your knowledge understanding of the body, anatomy, and general bodily functions, which will empower you with the education to share with your clients about their training needs or their body requirements.

#3 By Adding Massage, You Can Market To a Broader Client Pool

Completing a Diploma of Remedial Massage will teach you new ways to work your clients. You’ll learn specific rehabilitation exercise which may be different to what you already know, and not only will you be able to use your new found skills on your PT clients, but you can also market to a completely different pool of potential clients. E.g. rehabilitation clients, everyday people who aren’t interested in fitness etc.

#4 Help Your PT Clients In More Ways

While stretching is beneficial and should always be incorporated into a exercise regime, sometimes the body needs a little extra love to aid recovery. Massage, in conjunction with regular stretching will help your clients with recovery, flexibility, injury prevention, stress relief … the list goes on.

#5 Massage Allows You To Work With Your Clients While The Are Injured Or Recovering

You can work your clients hard, but they also need time for their bodies to repair. By having massage qualification under your belt, you are able to treat your Personal Training clients when they are injured and or ‘resting.’ This is a great way to ensure you maintain your relationship with your clients if they do injury themselves and are unable to train, and also looks after your income. If your PT client injures himself and you are not massage qualified, thats a client who will not be paying you.

Massage is so much more than just relaxation, it can really help your clients, not only with their muscle aches and pains, but also with achieving their health and fitness goals! If you’d like to hear more about AIF’s Diploma of Remedial Massage, be sure to get in touch with your Guru at your local campus!

From one of the massage coaches, I look forward to seeing you in our classes soon!



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