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Why Martial Arts Training Sets A Good Foundation For A Great Personal Trainer

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

It was a passion for martial arts that started high school student Phillip Reardon on his fitness journey. Find out how this led to him starting his own personal training business.

Graduating from high school and the Australian Institute of Fitness in the same year, Phillip has since gone on to build his own personal training business. All this by the tender age of 19! Here’s his story so far.

Martial arts is a big part of my life

I have over eight years of dedicated experience in martial arts in Australia. I’ve successfully obtained my black belt (1st Dan) qualification in Shindo Karate and have participated in many tournaments over the years where I won a number of medals and awards and made lifelong friends.

I’ve focused on sharing my skills

I’ve been lucky enough to train with some of the best in Shindo Karate, and I figure it’s important to pay your skills forward. So I’ve been working with the Shindo Little Dragons, showing the kids how to warm up. I also taught Katas for a time.

There was a turning point

There came a time when I realised just how important fitness was to me. I wanted to expand my passion for fitness and be able to compete at a national and international level. But I only wanted to train with the best in the fitness industry, so I gained an internationally recognised qualification at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Endings and beginnings

In 2012, I completed the Master Trainer program at the Australian Institute of Fitness, where I gained a lot of practical knowledge about the human body. I applied this knowledge to my studies in Year 12, which was greatly received. I graduated in the same year too! Today I am the owner and Head Personal Fitness Trainer of my business, Qualitypoint Fitness.

With the right training, you too can build a rewarding fitness career that you love. The Australian Institute of Fitness runs a range of fitness courses to help you on your way.



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