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How Massage Therapists Can Cater to their New Fitness Enthusiast Clients

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

Lately, many Massage Therapists have noticed that there is an emerging trend of fitness enthusiasts coming in for a massage. Professional massage therapist Brandi Schlossberg explained how to cater to these clients:

Who are they?

This client is passionate about physical health and exercise, and often works out vigorously on a regular basis. These clients include but are not limited to marathon runners, weight-lifters, swimmers, martial artists, cyclists, dancers, and those involved in competitive team sport. Massage can become a key component of these people’s training and competition regime.

How can you cater for them?

Understanding how to best meet the needs of this niche area is of great benefit to both the client and the massage therapist. There are a few questions to ask in order to determine what kind of massage therapy will best suit your fitness enthusiast client, including:

  • What kind of exercise or sport are they involved in?
  • How often are they working out?
  • Do they have any pain or injuries?
  • Have there been any changes to their fitness activities?

Understanding their passion

Understanding a fitness enthusiast’s chosen sport is a fast way to connect with them. For example, a tennis player may be prone to arm and leg injuries from the sudden movements around the court. Explaining why the client may feel pain in certain areas makes them feel as though you understand their body better.

Fitness enthusiast clients will also appreciate it if you find out about their competition and training schedule. This way, you can cater to their needs better by having extra sessions in the lead up to a competition or more afterwards to help them recover.


Fitness enthusiast clients can be a great source of clientele as they are highly interested in health and understand when their bodies need some extra attention.

Fitness enthusiast clients often come to massage therapists to help prevent injury by keeping muscles supple and reducing soreness and swelling. They may also seek out massage to help recover from injuries by increasing blood flow to the injured site.

If you can impress your fitness enthusiast client you can bet that they will refer you to their friends, so it pays to put in the extra effort for these clients.



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