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How to Avoid Being the Annoying One in the Gym

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

Going to the gym is no longer just about going to work out. These days, many of you are posting about your workouts on social media, which is great…until you become the annoying one, says Shaun Radford, Master Coach, Australian Institute of Fitness Queensland.

We all know that person, the one that is using’ the bench press while messaging their mates on their iPhone or the one taking selfies. Maybe it’s you?

You may be doing it to share your achievements, which is fantastic if that’s what motivates you. While some people love sharing these details with the world, it can be annoying for others when it’s done in the middle of the gym at peak use times. Remember you are in a shared environment, so always be mindful of other people.

The big thing to remember is that everyone is there for the same reason – to train! We all need to contribute to a great fitness environment. Follow some of these simple tips for successful training your way, without stepping on other people’s toes:

  • It is not your equipment, so be mindful of others, allowing use during your rest periods to create a great atmosphere and flow in the gym. You may even make some new friends!
  • If you need to take progress shots or selfies, try doing this in areas of low traffic or at home. Social media is great, but you can waste valuable training time by interacting with others through cyberspace at the gym.
  • If you do have your phone on the gym floor and need to take a call, remove yourself out of shared areas. Not only is this polite, but also ensures a safe environment; we all know how hard it is to concentrate when talking on the phone!
  • And finally, remember that a program is designed with specific rest periods, sets, reps, etc. Focus on your training, work out at the appropriate intensity and stick to your program otherwise you will sacrifice results. If possible, use the gym for you time. After all, you deserve it!


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