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Exercise Routine Tips Fit For Your Client’s Lifestyle

Jun 23, 2015 | by AIF

We all know if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But what about when our exercise plan is thwarted by birthdays, holidays and work?

Unexpected disruptions throw a curveball at those who are creatures of routine. The ability for you to achieve your own goals or assist your clients through a scheduled routine can heavily depend on how you combat or minimise these interruptions.

Plan to be interrupted

You need to plan ahead. Schedule ‘known’ and ‘potential’ interruptions that could occur throughout the year in your calendar. This will help identify when you should organise rest and how you can best modify weeks and days leading into a busy period. When setting out your goals for the next week, month or year, give them a time-frame that takes into account the likelihood of something going wrong, and give yourself some leeway. Perhaps you know of a few events and birthdays coming up. Ensure to schedule them in, and if you think you’re really going to struggle to work out on any given day, plan accordingly.

Just roll with it

Unexpected events will arise from time to time and disrupt your exercise routine. To deal with them effectively, follow these tips.

Don’t let an interruption worry or stress you

Instead move on and make a date in your diary for your next available exercise session. Worrying or getting yourself worked up about missing a workout will only hinder your fitness goals and give you a negative attitude. Accept whatever may have happened and aim to not let it occur again.

Consider working out for just 30 minutes

If your day is packed with events, something is better than nothing. If 30 minutes feels like a stretch due to work and other commitments, go for two 15 minute intervals during the day.

Consider a different time to hit the gym

Are you too busy with the kids in the morning to get to the gym? Perhaps going just before lunch would be a better idea. Although first thing in the morning is an ideal time to get to the gym for a workout, it doesn’t have to be your only option. Many gyms operate on a 24 hour basis, so you should be able to find a slot that works for you.

Remember, you can exercise anywhere!

If you often can’t get to your gym, invest in some basic essential work out equipment such as a treadmill, medicine ball, bench and a set of weights. If you need instructions on how to do a few routines, get onto YouTube where you’ll be able to many resources. If your schedule is constantly looking busy, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a small home gym.

Look for exercising opportunities in your everyday routine

Walking to the train station instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk over to a colleague’s desk instead of emailing them.

Appreciate that a short break may be a good thing

Remember, even professional athletes schedule regular periods of ‘down time’. This is important, especially if you participate in rigorous activities such as weight training. Enjoy your time off from working out, but also remember to get back on track as soon as your schedule lets you. It’s important to get back into your routine as soon as possible so as to not disrupt you from achieving your goals.

Take advantage of local facilities when you’re on holiday

If you’re going away with friends or family, you may find it difficult to stick to your normal workout schedule. But that doesn’t mean you can’t workout at all! Many hotels have swimming pools, tennis courts or gyms. If you’re holidaying at the beach, take a dip. Go for walks and see sights. Make the conscious effort to pick activities that require physical exertion. Don’t create excuses – you can always find ways to exercise.

Remember interruptions come in all shapes and sizes, and will affect various aspects of our lives! It’s important you have your goals clearly outlined to ensure you know what you want to achieve, and how you intend to accomplish that. Factor in known and potential interruptions into your daily calendar. By doing this, you’ll make it much easier to find time to fit in your workout sessions. Being able to adapt and change your plans each week when things come up is important to ensuring you reach your fitness goals. 



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